Monday, December 12, 2011

October Birthstone, Frogpile

Ha, it's a small start. On FB, there is a pattern a month event, and I joined in. I have so many things I really want to have stitched, finished, for this next year, so I am trying to get on board and stay on track. I can pick my own patterns and whatnot, so there is no issue with trying to fit in something new, past what I want to get done. And good thing it can keep running into the next month....So, this will be the one to start matching up with that event. It is Mystic Stitch, small October Birthstone. On 18ct white. Just barely started it this week. It probably won't get much more along until after XMAS. These are some of the related items I want to have stitched up to sell, so I should be getting to all in the series, sometime.

Another note, Frogpile is finished!! This has been spoken for by family, meh. I had to get it done and out of the way. It's not off the frame or washed yet, so I will get a full picture posted once it is.

Other than that, I feel like I am getting nothing done! Such is life for the holidays.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Lily Pool, Misc Order, Jingit

Ha, well...ok, I at least got around to posting some copies(2) of Lily Pool, on one of my more obscure listing areas. This is a full size and readily available chart, by Ruth Sanderson. Only, you can't order it directly from HAED, this is a shops exclusive chart. RF is $17, my discount makes it $14.45, $2 shipping, in the US.

I'd be happy to get more copies, I'd love to place an order with HAED before the 15th, and grab a few Jessica Galbreth before they are gone, as well.

I will be changing up my website offerings, I don't think Artfire is going to serve my needs once I open up the stitch for sale site. They continue to change direction, and I don't think that will be for me. I'll still use the same one that Lily Pool is on....and ebay, plus the new site after the beginning of the year(and the stitcher FAQ one).

Really hoping to get past the holidays and concentrate back on stitching, etc. I don't seem to be getting much of anything done in that direction, getting a little anxious. Excited, too!

Anyway, I am still plugging away with my little click places, to make a little money on the side, all going well, will update on that later. But you may or may not have noticed, that I added Jingit, and it's pretty cool. Basic idea, you make at least $5 every week, watching some quick videos. And, you can load it to a debit card they issue--I have mine. Since I am absolutely in need of making more cash, at home, this has been really nice so far, I've done this for about a month. You need to have a correctly filled in Facebook account linked(just for info), US only.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life Interrupted. WTF

Well, let's see. In starting this little upcoming adventure, I thought I pretty much had all my ducks in a row. A couple hiccups, but nothing much really. Finally. Life would be settled down, and at least for a good period of time, I could put most all my attention towards this stitching adventure.

But NOOOOO, again, things have gone crazy. In the last way I expected. And perhaps, almost, the last way they ever will. I hate it when life blows apart. My concentration isn't what it should be right now--I'm trying, but it's just going to take a little bit. And my plans haven't particularly changed. Slowed down perhaps. I wish they could actually go a lot faster, faster than the track I had planned, but I don't have the surrounding support right now to make that happen. In the mean time, it will be several months minimum until I am truly back on an even keel. I'm still working on things, and trying to stitch, and will be as much as I can...

So, hang tight. I'm trying to figure out how to make it all work, not all the pieces have fallen into place yet.....and it may be a little extra time before they do.

Oh, and I did update the stitcher's site some(link on the left always)Stitch for Me , but I have not done any work on the website. I probably won't work on that until hmmm, January, or at least until I am about ready, here, to go live...since that will be a cost now, to do any more work on it. That will be on hold a little bit, I'm going to have to hold tight on the bucks, and a little rushed to just get it published when the time comes.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some Progress, Pics, Order?

Ok, so some pictures finally. The weather is a little weird here, not that it usually means much....but good for any picture taking is hit and miss. I was hoping to have one more picture, but maybe in a few days. Anyway, SK Treasures at the bottom, not a lot of stitching. Once again, not sure I will finish it--I have sooo many other things going on (and for pay) that it may get put away for quite some time. SK Blossoms in the middle, tried to adjust the colors, but still not quite it. I haven't worked on it in the last week or so at all, but it's been coming along nicely; not as confetti heavy as I thought(top and bottom, middle is easier). And at the top, my blue fractal. Lightened that a little too, so you could see some detail better. That is what I have been working on the most right now. BAP for sure, but enjoying the big blocks of color, and a nice scattering of other colors as they come along. Really thinking I would like to get this finished in a reasonable amount of time.

No big progress on Summer, either, so no pic there. And I do have Forgiveness on the frame, so maybe I'll have something worth showing next month!

I've been resisting buying charts that are being retired. Really hard with Julie Fain, but I did not buy any and do not have any of hers. Now Drazenka Kimpel, that's another story. I did buy Purple Orchid already, so I am not totally distressed(still need the Anchor threads). That is on my bucket list, and probably my favorite on my bucket list. But I am very big into faces, bodies.....and I love her stuff. Most of it. Still torn over HAVE TO HAVE Breath & Lady of the Camellias . Luna was on the list for a while, but I think I can pass on that one. So, anybody up for an order? I need to place an order anyway, but I wasn't for sure planning before 11/15. I will not be getting extras, so if you want one, 15% off, plus shipping, prepaid on paypal---let me know!

And yes, I do need to place an order, soooon. I've been on the fence where I wanted to order my next ones, and it looks like it will be HAED, not sure I can manage an order from two places at once right now. So, next couple days on the retiring charts please. I specifically want to get some of the charts for the new site in the works. Frustrated that I don't hardly have those here. Some are BAP, too, wow.

I will be doing some updates and revisions to my info page(see link on left, to stitch), and the website itself. I may publish the full website soon, and just let it hang out for a couple of months, tweaking it, before being really ready at the start of the year. This includes a tiny bit higher pay amounts, and longer deadline times. Also, I hope to get/make a list of acceptable chart submissions, for the smaller sizes. Not talking about mini's--yet. But the SK, PAB, QS, small items, for those alternate misc projects, that I would like to see most. And some that just stitch up faster.

And the mini's. Whheee. Great idea for HAED. Little dismayed that it will all be about mini's now though. Working a BAP will be for old timers and stubborn......hey! that's me, all the way. The jury is out. I'll accept them in the Misc section of my new site, but am otherwise on the fence. And I don't know of anyone working both a full size and a matching mini, the exact same way, for a comparison. I wasn't thrilled with the mini mockups. More on that later. But certainly, more than nearly anyone anyway, I am all about FINISHES. Completed work. So, we'll see.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Basic FAQ for interested stitchers

So I've created a page, website..... for those thinking about stitching for me. There is a little more to add to it, but for now, the basic idea is up and rolling. I've had some interest already, (yes, interested enough to do it), and some other inquiries. At this point, there will not be a limit to how many can stitch. I may, however, have to restrict some categories, the smaller, easier ones. I have to have the BAP's worked on, and some variety--plenty with the options I've made. So it doesn't matter if I have 5 stitchers, or 15, or 50.....there's room. I will work on the sales end, as long as the product is available, and/or requested. (Of course, the longer you wait, the longer it will take!! And this is definitely the slow race.) Stitch For Me

Anyway, I've been trying to stitch. Bad timing, just getting hard with the holidays and end of year stuff coming up. I should be putting the finishing stitching into Frogpile(not yet), and working SK Treasures(nooo),Summer(barely), and the felt XMAS stocking I started while I was resting......but alas. I have, however, done a bunch on SK Blossoms, pulled out the bap blue fractal. And I need to finish SOMETHING, anything....but I can tell I will get Forgiveness on the frame, any day, I just can't stand it any more. I'll see if I can get a couple progress pics up later this week.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

SK Blossoms, Stitchers to Work

Ok, SK Blossoms after this week. It's not quite this orange, more a salmon pink, maybe I'll get that better next time. The cell phone is always the more handy/easy photo taker!!

I'm thinking of how I want to set up an area to discuss things with possible stitchers. Business stuff needs to be kept private.(As much as it can be these days.)Random browsing on the web will not show this info. I was thinking of a FB group, maybe, maybe not. Maybe G+. And possibly a single website page of FAQ, only for those that are participating. I'll need a little time to get that together. Pay, or pricing, I know that is probably the number one thing. I had already posted on one of the FB groups that Train of Dreams for example, using a set formula, would probably go retail at about $300. Never stitched it, or seen the thread count, etc....don't plan to(and it's not particularly one I want done.)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Ideas in the Works

Still a little slow, but feeling better. Happy to be back to stitching. Even started SK Blossoms last week, out of the blue. Been hungry for a real finish(that I don't have to give away). Might get a picture up soon of it.

And some clarity finally. I hope, anyway; things are still moving around here pretty fast, "around" me. So, if I can stay on track, I think I finally have a path figured out. If anyone has read all the way back, etc.....I've had thoughts of being able to stitch and sell the cross stitch pieces, and some other misc, for quite some time. Mostly HAED and other advanced cross stitch. I'd even like to get to a real storefront. I've continually hit (mental) snags, though, especially having run other crafty storefronts and websites before. It's an amazing amount of work; one person, two.....not enough hours in the day. So that part is still out on the horizon, if the pieces come together to make that happen, great. If not, well, a web presence mostly, will have to do.

I don't really want to spill all the beans right now of what I have in mind, but I should, some, if I want to get this off the ground. Only because it's behind-the-scenes stuff right now. I'm thinking that I am ALMOST in shape to start making my stitching for sale idea a reality. If I concentrate on one of the very first issues, it's that I don't have enough to sell, just me, myself. I can leave it closed to just me, but I would really like to see a better collection of items available.

So I need stitchers. Advanced stitchers, HAED type stitchers. If you have pieces of that quality and type already finished, they are usable---- if they are in pristine condition(unframed). I will be looking for certain charts to be stitched though. A certain limited collection, stitched as they were meant to be(no shortcuts) as the main focus. And pay......there will be some, but not enough to get overly excited about.

For the most part, enough rambling. Anyone game? I will say this, it doesn't pay much. I'm not looking for complainers. It does pay, and I think I have a way figured out to make sales with this(which is when you'd get paid). You must love to stitch, and be happy with being able to show off a finished piece. Past that, don't be holding your breath to get rich. For now, I am looking for people that already have HAED type finished cross stitch that they would like to make available. Pieces in progress are also acceptable, as well as anyone that would like to start now on stitching the particular charts I want to showcase. Once I have a site open and customers/inquiries, I expect there to be commission requests, which would move everything along faster, of course.

I will not be posting 100% of all the details here. More to come, but not everything. Shoot me an email if you think you might be interested. artistsforhire over on yahoo.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quick Update

Ok, just a quick update. I'm barely get back to my routine, still taking it easy. Haven't stitched anything significantly noticeable yet. These were before my downtime, and definitely show progress. My pinkish Treasures, and about a page worth of Summer.

Heard that Julie Fain cross stitch charts are going to be retired soon from HAED. Lovely silhouette types, may have to think about that.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Short break from stitching

So, I've actually had to take a short break from stitching, medically dictated. I did try to work around and start a felt stocking, but very slow going as well. So while I am supposed to be overall resting....I thought I would insert on my latest work at home, ptc type stuff.

Hmm, so onbux bit the dirt. They quit paying, typical. Keeping up with neobux, although I am not sure why, the click amounts are so low. I have a couple others like that, not even going to mention at this point. Most of the good ones are still listed there on the left, probably not quite up to date though. I will look that over as I am feeling better. The big odd widget there is for ICS, very quick surveys, I'm liking that one and have been paid there already. BuxP is probably my favorite(but use your anti virus), lots of ads; I've cashed out twice. Can't remember if I had ever posted on Beezag before, short videos to view. Limited, but quick and it adds up; I've accumulated enough to cash out, but haven't yet. Also liking Superpoints, lots of small tasks if you poke around. I've already cashed out once there. Only thing, is they are invite only, one per person, and they expire kinda quickly. I'll put some here, and try to keep it updated. Invite, invite and invite. Anyway, I am probably making about $10+ a month right now consistently, just from a few of these things. I haven't been doing Mturk much or some of the others. Questions, more info....let me know, I'm happy to share.

Anyway, hopefully I am back to stitching, and more pics, in a few days. And...maybe Blogger won't be so stingy about telling me when I have comments here.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Charts are in

Ha, is that me or what???! Probably the rest of you too......I didn't even see it, my sweetie saw it, and put it on my car.

I've been a little remiss, life gets in the way sometimes, and that's what is up right now. I'll be better on track here shortly.

Anyway, my chart order came in. I did mail out special requests, but I haven't had a chance to list any up for sale. I'll post when I specifically put up Lily Pool, since other stores are the only way you can get that one.

And, I have page 15 of Chelsea's Gift, as my assigned part, for the gift. Anyone else?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Treasures Start, old chart sold

Ok, there is the very beginning of Treasures. I've managed to do a bit more since then, but this will give a good shot of the fabric, and the white on top of it. More of a bubblegum type dye. Oh well, maybe it will look sunset stormy.

And I have been reminded, that yes, the Roanoke chart I had earlier, has been sold.

I've been making some good stitching progress, but I need to break to work on some Christmas felt, ornaments perhaps, or a stocking. Maybe next week.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Treasures disaster, Faces Luna, Chelsea

So I couldn't stand it, and started Treasures, on that new pinkish fabric I got just for this project in mind. Just ugh...feeling jinxed on this whole project already. Not buying fabric like this on ebay again. It should be evenweave, maybe cashel? don't know, just slinky and stretchy. It's supposed to be 28ct, looks to be no more than 27 if that. And, the coloring is only on the front, the back is completely white.......and it bleeds. So.............the stitches look uneven. There is more space than I like between the stitches, & the fabric shows through. And, so much white thread, but umm, it's not exactly looking bright white. The first couple rows look like a 5th grader did it. Hopefully it's going to settle out nicely as I get a few more rows done. I'll take a picture soon, so you can look. At this point, I have just said screw it, it should just come out crazy cool.

Faces Luna(my avatar) stitching has gone in the trash. I still have the chart, but not sure if I really will restart it. This was my first super complex chart, started Dec 2009 and obviously a new learning curve there. It was 25ct, 2x1 full cross, gridded with regular dark floss, and I hopped around stitching where ever, like I do. I considered stopping a couple months ago, and restarting, but figured I could just change up when I stitched, fresh, quiet time, short bursts, and I would be able to get it done. Nope. Just not happy with it. I've started a couple others since then, all with different fabric etc, and just not having quite that problem. Granted, it was way confetti heavy, the whole top half, not the greatest for a first start. It was just too frustrating. So 25ct with 2x1 full cross anyway. Top choice is 28ct 1x1 full cross. If I grid, only with something like Sulky metallic thread. And only working along in small sections, completing all the colors before I go too far.

I am also in on Chelsea's gift, if anyone has been reading that from the HAED board. I didn't know her, but it sounds like such a cool thing. Only 20 stitchers, each completing a section of the Chelsea chart, by Hannah Lynn. The sections will be placed against a quilting fabric and put together that way, for her mom. Not like I need to take on another project, but I've been feeling a little lax in my giving back, and a bit distant from other stitchers; such like minded people. So you'll see some updates on that, no idea yet which piece of the chart I will have.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pic of New Start, Ordering Charts

I know it's a blurry picture, the wind has been something out here...but I wanted to get the start posted. This is Summer, Alphonse Mucha, HAED chart. (77 pages large format.) 28ct 1x1 full cross, on off white. Family project--not sure right now if that means it will go slower or faster than normal. Have to say though, while this isn't my typical type art, I think this is growing on me. We'll see, when I get to the dark reds.

I will be ordering charts soon, see previous posts. Lily Pool, not available retail, and also at least Sick Rose there below, couple others. Soooo please let me know if you would like one, I don't order all that often, or that many right now. (Lily Pool RF is $18.65 here, with shipping included.)

I sent back the dyed fabric I had gotten for Treasures, and I got to request a closer color match. It's here, still a little brighter than I thought, but will work fine as a pink/coral/white. I just haven't started it!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HAED Sale, Very Large New Start

Another HAED sale, 25% off through the 5th of July. Then apparently a dry spell on sales until Sept!

The picture there, yes page 77.....of my newest start. Summer, by Alponse Mucha, a HAED chart. Not my style, and going to be daunting, to say the least. That's what happens when I let family pick their gifts! Haven't done a chart anywhere near this size before---and I'm not going to be able to take 5 years to get it done!! It's 28ct off white, 1x1 full cross, 20x30 fabric.

Anyway, I am near some other finishes, so maybe I'll have some real pictures up soon. Just can't quite seem to get there. And the special fabric I thought I was getting to start Treasures, oh my, the fabric isn't like the picture. Instead of dusty red and white, it's bright lavender and pinkish. It would certainly be interesting together, but I haven't decided. I was all excited to start, but that is on the back burner until I figure out if I am sending the fabric back, or using something else. Plenty of time to get something else finished in the meantime.

Monday, June 13, 2011


It's the Father's Day sale at HAED, charts are 25% off through 6/20. As usual, there have been some great releases lately. Rainbow Dragon above, by Myka Jelina, is my favorite of late. That could be another addition to my bucket list.

It's interesting that several releases have been lower colors. And I like it, mostly that is only that there are simpler color schemes going on obviously. While I am certainly not scared of a lot of detail and colors(90 for a 2x10 SK is a bit ridiculous though)....I'm really looking for some finishes. Lower colors should get me a much quicker finish or two---and then I can relax on some very difficult ones after that. I was even working on a list, of lower colored charts or artists, haven't gotten real far on it as yet, but there are some lovely options, in full color, that are much less than 80-90 colors.

And so, I have picked Treasures for the mid year SAL. I absolutely wasn't going to enter, too many time constraints for the projects I want to be working on (and selling). I have abandoned SK Mermaid and SK LOTW, not going to happen, Terra, someday. And Treasures isn't my favorite from the options, but it is black and white---the only reason why I entered and picked that one. I have been enjoying the simplicity of blocks of color on some other charts of late, and some things taking shape more quickly, while life has been a little crazy. I need to take advantage of some of the peace and quiet I have right now, I keep wondering if that is going to change on a dime!!

And as far as stitching....I have taken a brief break from the letter "R" to get back to Frogpile. I need to get the frogs finished and out of the way, as a family item, before I can knuckle down on much else. I would like to have it done and be able to load up Treasures asap on the same frame perhaps.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Letter R

Latest work....brought to you by the letter R, (HAED, Selina Fenech). Wish the sparklies had turned out a bit nicer, will have to work on that with the finished pic. This is on 18ct, 2 strands Kreinik #4 pearl braid in all that yellowish background. I thought it would be done by now, alas distracted, and stitching with the Kreinik, mmmmm omg tough.

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Things

Ok, couple only through tomorrow for 50% off at HAED if you hadn't been paying attention.

Lovely pictures, for some reason linking directly still doesn't work. The top one is Lily Pool by Ruth Sanderson, which I had just seen in the finished gallery. I hadn't seen it before, because it is not available for regular customers; shops only. (Not sure how many of those there are, & this is not a new chart.) Soooooo, I can order it! And it's really a beautiful chart--I'd be happy to stock a few if I get requests--let me know. $19 for regular format etc as usual. I'd even be tempted to stitch it. The other may have made it to my bucket JBG release, The Sick Rose. Any interest? I will be adding it to my next order.

My other order is in. I have just started to list them(sold one right away already) keep an eye out.

I have finally seen some Mystic Stitch that I would like to offer, including some fractals, soon. Some Cross Stitch Collectibles fractals will still be coming, too, but not until at least next month for, all in due time.

AND, the mid year small freebie SAL is in sign up stages, early. I know I just said I wouldn't be working on them, but.....but.......they finally have a black & white. Something I could actually get finished to offer as a giveaway. And I really like the other selections(even more). Thinking I am in, with Treasures, the B&W.

Ah, and I have been stitching, on most projects. I have Summer by Alphonse Mucha to do for family, so that will be started soon. I have started the letter "R", with the correct sparklies, pic coming soon, for sale.

Friday, April 29, 2011

HAED Sale, Latest Start

HAED is doing their Mother's Day sale, 25% off through 5/9.

My latest start, a non HAED. The blue fractal I was telling you about. This is pretty much page 1 completed, of 45. It's on 28ct, 1x1, my smallest count yet. I really like it, even though these parts are "boring", works for me---but it's still the largest piece of fabric I have worked on as well! Hopefully the colors will come out a little more correct next time. Thinking I'd like to get more, but this one is luckily only a few colors, and 500x375. Most of the others are even worse!

I will not be doing the contests, they are too time consuming for the pieces I want to finish. And, of course, can't sell them. If I can still get them finished, I'd like to do giveaways, but I don't see finishing any of them in any near future.

I have ordered some of the HAED charts and will be listing them on my sites once they are in. I have a few coming from my bucket list even!

Monday, April 18, 2011

HAED Bucket List

Always seems like I have more things going on than what I get around to posting. Ok, so one of the things from last time, was my HAED bucket list. The charts that I really "must" have, stitch, and finish!! In my lifetime. This doesn't include anything else, what I have, gifts to be done, SAL's etc. And it's not to be morbid.....but what will it be like when you are gone? I want to accomplish more than just starts, esp if I am going to sell any. I do not have any of these charts yet. I will try to make a separate list, and mark the progress or rearrangement as it comes along. I've only put 20, hopefully that is on the low side. Alternative Reality Wall Amongst the Tulips Garmashova Arianrhod Galbreth Avarice Dahlig Bridge of Wings SPML Dragon Riders Roberts Fairy on Butterfly Faulkner Forgiveness Vintage Angel Collection Go With The Flow Phelan Golden Autumn Bromley Little Blue Stewart Magic Pinkney Purple Orchid Kimpel QS Crimson Dream CCK QS Red Maple Fairy JBG QS Snowflake Wall Steam Butterfly Ashwood The Gathering Marchetti The Untold Story Wall Twilight Shimmer Anderson So how about you? What do you really think you can/need to do and finish in the land of HAED? As always, more updates to come....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Terra Update

Ok, the latest update to Terra Fairy for the HAED SAL. Pleased that I have been able to have some umm, noticeable stitching time. I have stitched on all the other projects as well, except Mermaid, just not doing the pics of those for now.

I have also gotten a new start, White Rose from Mystic Stitch(discontinued, I think.) I thought it would go quickly, since it's a huge black background, but I guess that is all relative! It should be quicker than these other pieces, but I am not working on it much yet, still trying to finish out some ebay unloading. And, it has no white; no shades of white. I was thinking of doing some sparklies in it, but hard with no really white areas, will have to think about that. It's on white fabric, so perhaps when I get all the top black done and get to any color (35 lines), I'll start with some pics of it.

I have bought a new piece, too, on ebay. A fractal, (geometric style) blue....sigh. I may get another one or two, don't want those disappearing on me as ebay morphs again. But it is rather large, larger than many HAEDs. I've gotten all the threads, a lot, but it's only a few shades of color, and big blocks of color. Itching to start it, but likely not until I finish something else.

Couple other updates, I will post about those soon!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ok, another HAED sale, 25% off through 4/17. If those Kayomi kitties get done, I am sure a bunch of those will be in the sale buys! Lovely, and I am not a cat person. Looks like my heavy days on ebay are nearly done. (have probably said that before) With the latest changes, it really doesn't make sense, not for little beads etc. I might list some charts over there, will see. It may go gangbusters as more people leave. Means I need to really put some effort into Artfire being a place for me where things SELL! Bought a lovely fractal chart the other day, not here yet. Can't believe it had to be blue. But it should be interesting, not totally abstract, but nice geometrical swirls.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Picture Day

Ok, I promised more pics! I really am doing some stitching, etc! Frogpile is coming along, but driving me crazy. Rolled down some so you can't see the top ones at the moment, and doing some backstitch as I go. It was slated for sale, but I have a feeling it's going to family. Faces Luna, pulled out only in the last week, finally getting to some non cofetti spots. Mermaid, plugging along here and there, hard when it shares blues (visual and thread) with Faces Luna. And Light of the World, also getting to some non confetti spots. Plus of course Terra, posted previously, that I need to get back to for a bit. Which one will be finished first?? Hmmmm.....

Older XMAS Items, Plus Roanoke

Ok, some older pics first. Christmas stockings! These are all felt and sequins, sewn together. These particular ones were for family,(& two more in the making for them) but this style will be available for sale as I make more. Love this stuff.

And, I found a picture of Roanoke, for that chart I have. HAED chart, discontinued; $10 plus shipping. Email me artistsforhire over on yahoo.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Get them out of the drawer!

So there is a post about what people do with their finished XS pieces. And, like I thought, most sit in a drawer. Either the piece never made it to be a gift, or framing is too expensive(put your own word here)....or it was lovely to stitch, and that was as far as it got.

I tried to quietly put my .02 in, about trying to sell them. Quietly, don't want to irk anyone. If anyone has read way back.....I'd like to sell all this kind of stuff. Some of my views have changed on how large the undertaking would be, but the basic idea remains the same. And "raw", unframed is perfect! If you've looked on my site, The Blushin Rose ( or the holiday one ), you won't see a lot there, granted. Items are split between two sites, including beads, beginnings of HAED cross stitch charts, and other items that are not cross stitch, like felt ornaments and such. I have eased on pursuing other people, simply because I need to even get a few projects of my own done and listed!

And I am sure, something in there will need to be a HAED finish of my own, "first". I have been working on the SALs, and feel those should be giveaways, but we'll see. Faces Luna is not a giveaway, and I have pulled that out after a forced rest. SK Mermaid, SK Light of the World, and Terra (above) are all actively in the works. FrogPile is also being rotated, likely going to family. Etc etc etc. And before you know it, months have passed by.

I'm interested! What have you got to lose? Take those ones out that you will never hang, or gift or use for whatever you thought it might have been for. Get me some nice pictures, and we'll get it listed. You ship from your house(for now.) I am looking at pricing near a penny a stitch as a start, it can adjust down over time.

AND--it has to be quality work. I'm mainly looking for Heaven & Earth, Mystic Stitch, Golden Kite, Scarlet Quince, Art of Stitching type finishes. Heavy duty projects. (No get rich quick here.) I will also consider Lanarte, Mirabilia, Ink Circles, Chatelaine, etc type things. No primitive. Samplers would have to be stunning. Anything else small or cutesy is case-by-case, esp if it's not my own!

Still reading? Other crafty items will be mixed in, but I don't want to confuse anything here at the moment. So if you already stitch high quality original charted work, I'm happy to give it a go with putting it up for sale at a decent price--good art is worth it!

And, tomorrow if I get to it, is picture day. I took some WIP pics this afternoon.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Work at Home update

I seem to have some free time today.....or, at least....doing everything except the things I would normally be doing.

So, a couple people have asked, where I am at, with my work at home, clicking etc work. Hard to give hard and fast numbers(and for personal reasons, not exactly inclined to), but I'll see if I can break it down.

Swagbucks: I click pretty often, and average a $5 Paypal payment in just over two weeks. Monthly, not quite $10.

Mechanical Turk: I'm pretty religious and obsessive, but some days I don't click at all. Monthly, averaging $120 cash.

BeRuby: Not using it much, just daily clicks. Haven't cashed out. Monthly, gathering about $2.00 in my account.

Neobux: Standard member; I click as often as I can for what is available, daily. So I always get extra clicks. 26 rented refs. Always reinvesting, never cashed out. Monthly about $1.40; I can buy 3 new refs about every two weeks.

Onbux: Gold member; I click my daily renewal count and not a lot more. Paid cash for the gold upgrade. 74 rented refs. Always reinvesting, never cashed out. Monthly about $4.20; I can buy 3-5 refs every week(6 days).

Anyway, I have a few other piddly ones, not particularly worth mentioning at the moment. Although MyPoints is good, I don't track it specifically, let me know if you want an email referral link. Anybody wants strategy advice, give me a shout.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ordering Charts

Ok, I will be placing a wholesale order with HAED, if there is anything you want, let me know. Whatever I get, will make it's way to my site(s), if not spoken for. Generally that is 15% off with like $2 shipping, US, or free shipping on regular price for a holiday chart. Forgiveness will for sure be one of the charts--but I need a head count if you want one! Also probably SK Lucia. I'm guessing it will be at least a week before I put an order together.

Thinking I am ordering the alphabet series, to stitch/sell. Have noticed that I think I need to concentrate on the lesser colored charts for a while. Doesn't matter on the size, but 80-90 colors is just a bit daunting right now. (Forgiveness and SK Lucia are in the 40-50 color range.) Don't get me wrong, I like them, it just doesn't go quite fast enough if I want to sell any stitched work. The lowest I've visibly seen listed so far is one that only has 27 colors, and that is one with like 20 skeins of black! I am thinking I will make a list of lower floss charts, like 60 or less colors. I'll be posting it here; if you have any to input, feel free to mention them, as I personally will not be going through all 5,000+ cross stitch charts available.

More pics coming soon! Working away on Terra, going really well. Looking back at my list of 2011 goals..I will have to put it down for a while, and work on some of my others.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stitching, at last!

Finally, some stitching! I've been working on the old HAEDs from the past contests, just not a lot to show. Plus here, started the new one, QS Terra Fairy Sprite. Nice with larger blocks of solid colors. And then a special hooded baby towel--I'll be making more of these, for sale.(Pics are clickable for a little enlargement.) I've even pulled out the Frogs, maybe that will be my next finish, if not the little Yellow Rose.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Forgiveness Chart

Ok, fabulous cross stitch chart, JBG and HAED. The site seems to be having some errors linking directly, so I thought I would post it here. This may be one not only I have to stock, but stitch myself as well.

And, edited to add......didja know it only has like 50 colors??! Most are 90, and maybe too "challenging" with that much.

Friday, January 28, 2011

HAED Sale & Bobbin Floss Winding Service

Valentine's Day Sale for Heaven and & Earth Designs, 25% off cross stitch charts through 2/14.

Also, will be offering to sell regular DMC floss wound on bobbins and marked. Gets you started on your projects faster! One skein, hand wound on 2 blank cardboard bobbins(these are so thin), color number written in black pen ink as large as possible in the left corner, as a standard. If your personal system is different, changes can be made, ie DMC bobbins, different ink, other corner... This starts at 10 for $5, 50(approx) for $25, and 100(approx) for $50--I don't mind if on the larger amounts you need 51 or 102.... Edited to add a pic and yes, listings are up on The Blushin Rose(link over on the left).

And, if you use this link to sign up a Pro Artfire Store yourself, get your 3rd month free. Here

Friday, January 14, 2011

HAED Roanoke Cross Stitch Chart, Discontinued

So I did get the copy of the Roanoke HAED cross stitch chart, that is discontinued. However, offhand, I am not seeing the photo page.... I will have to investigate further. Anyway, it is offered here first, $10 plus shipping. Emailing at yahoo artistsforhire will get the quickest response.

In the meantime..already feeling pressured for time on things I want to make and get done. Between company all last week and a small personal project that isn't going well.....just feeling the crunch. (Time to break out that 400g white Toblerone chocolate gift!)

I did manage to get XMAS projects put away, and a little straightening...but at mid, January, that may be almost halted mid way. I have "announced" stitching goals for HAED, minimum: SK Mermaid finished, SK LOTW finished, Faces Luna finished, as well as the freebie SAL(s) for the year. Along with all the other stuff I get into--the yellow rose, frogs, and it won't be long before I have to think about more holiday projects.

Hopefully some of you are making more progress!!