Monday, November 26, 2012

Another WIP Pic

Hmm, poking around at my pics on the desktop, I found this other pic of SK Blossoms.  It's older, from last year, but I don't think I uploaded it here. Hmm, maybe I did...but it was a while ago.  I've done a nice bit finally, in the last few months, so it's farther along, but this should tide you over for a little while.  Amazing how difficult some of these confetti spots can be.

I am getting antsy.  I still have to break my day down into very small bits.  I do make a mental list, now that I can get away from having to write on paper there for a at least I do have goals and errands in a clear light, of what needs to get done.  I just can't get it all done, by far.  I am the XMAS tree decorator, for example.........but even with the tree assembled and the ornaments out and unwrapped, it took me 3 days(one day off in the middle, too sore) to do lights, garland and a few ornaments, in between a few other errands out of the house.

I will be looking forward to some serious stitching pretty soon.  I got my first charts ordered from Tilton Crafts, too.  More of the same, unsual and interesting charts. You guys may have to help me figure out which one to start first!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

At Least One Pic, New Website

I had wanted to take the latest update pics on everything, now that I am making some progress stitching.  But, my energy is not up to snuff yet, so a little at a time.  This is MS October Birthstone, small, on 18ct white. Mostly just the black outline.  I have tried to fill in with a few confetti stitches, but that's not as easy as I was thinking.  The confetti doesn't follow any pattern or simple lines to jump around nicely in a small area.
My initial website is up and running.  I've just started working on it, again, very small bits at a time. Nowhere near ready to really put out there for advertising, etc.  But you can peek, The Blushin Rose and check it out.  I'm hoping to chip away at some good progress on it at least by the end of the year, but, never know with the holidays. 
And my holiday plans are pretty quiet(ha, that's what I said last year---don't need a repeat of THAT). Hope you all are having a decent holiday season, with stitching time! Don't let the stress get you bonkers!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

HAED, and just an update here

So, I've seen all the buzz lately about HAED having a tough time keeping their doors open, and Appreciation Week Sep 10-14.  Nice, but I don't know why it took so long for people to pick up on this/panic.  I know I've been hearing they've been having real trouble, for I dunno...the last year??  My timeline is screwy, don't ask's probably been even longer.  Just sayin'.  Nothing mean-spirited in that, kudos really for people stepping up(although I think that has probably become a headache to handle as well, in itself)....just wondering why it took so long for other folks to notice--and no, I'm not some secret insider.  I know it would be an absolute shame if they couldn't continue, same owners or not; this stitching and art brings such a joy to people.

Anyway, yep, I've been MIA for far toooooo long. I've been tied up with this medical stuff for the better part of this entire year so far, and nearly nothing else.  I'm a bit tired of it, but I'm trying not to think about it.  It's been life altering, in nearly every facet, some of which I am really not liking at the moment. And, generally speaking, it seems like I am starting nearly everything.  Physically, I don't have a lot of strength either, so I am juggling multiple things, at a pace that is even making me pretty impatient, have to go really slow.

My stitching site? Still in the works.  With the medical issues, as I heal, that is one of the few things I should be able to do and would be good for me.  The continual slow track, I'll need something to keep me busy.  I just don't think it would be ready, or wise, to open anything before at least Jan 1....I'm not in shape for XMAS, etc.  I have only started stitching again in the last week or so. Bits and pieces on October Birthstone, the blue fractal, SK Blossoms, even Summer (Mucha) and such... Did I mention I was in on the 2012 SAL?  SK Blue Moon, gridded, but nary a stitch.....blah.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Frogpile Pic and latest update

This is still the fresh off the frame pic, but here is FrogPile. Finished, and off to family. 14ct aida, that I had started a while back. Click it to enlarge to see the detail.

And uh, I know I've been absent.......this medical stuff was quite a blow. I ended up with more surgeries, and am still recovering. I have only been able to pick up stitching in the last week, and boy that felt good! Working on just the solid black on White Rose.

The website plans have tentatively moved to June 1. That may still change, depending on my recovery, and all the things I am behind on!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Punch

Well, it's been a little while since I last posted. And nothing new really as far as stitching. I haven't been able to. I went in for a somewhat minor surgery before Christmas......and ended up in the ER Christmas Day, since it didn't hold. I'll spare the gory details, but I am only recently home, and have a long recovery ahead still. I'm lucky to hit 130lbs on a bad day, but have been graced with basically a gastric bypass type surgery, and repairing a collapsed lung, plus all the infectious stuff you can imagine that might go with that. I have daily meds to take for a while, some through an IV line that is still in my right arm. I haven't tried to stitch yet, but I have a feeling that it will only be in short bursts until that comes out(in a couple more weeks). Yuck.

My energy level is low, but as I get a chance, I will try to get to some pics. I had made a little progress before XMAS, and at this rate, it will be a bit before I have anything else significant to show.

I will still be working on my bigger stitching plans, although I think I need to move the opening date to something more like April 1. A few other thoughts....but that will have to wait a few days until I post again with a clearer head!

Hope everyone had better holidays than I did, and got in some good stitching!!!