Wednesday, November 11, 2015

QS Frogs Kissing WIP, A Slow Year

So I did start the HAED cross stitch SAL for 2015.   I picked the QS Frogs Kissing(I can't stand doing all hair anymore).  I barely got started, but the year is almost over for this, so I thought I would post.  This was the materials from the 18ct aida in kit form they offered, since my own supplies are in a mess from moving still.   It's a nice pattern, wish I had gotten farther on it. I still have it out, but it will be a while before I get back to it.

Some of my delay is some personal things.  Several things are going on, and I keep thinking I am balancing it pretty well.  Truth is that I am functioning, smiling, but am dragged down as far as being productive.  Funny, I am still more productive than I used to be, though.  The main thing is that I have someone close to me, that I am.......losing.  I thought I had learned so many lessons about living, when I had gotten so sick.  But I am learning many more.  This is a "slow" (depends on who's viewpoint) process of watching someone slip away.  I'll just say, think about what will be important when your time is up.  LOVE those that are important to you.  Nothing else matters at the end.