Sunday, December 27, 2015

QS Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate

I forgot I had taken this picture a while back, too.  But didn't post it!  And I haven't stitched more on it since the pic anyway.  This is QS Chocolate, Chocolate & More Chocolate, a HAED cross stitch of Randal Spangler's. Full cross on 25ct antique white.

Right now I have been working on a model cross stitch assignment, of a lizard.  I'd like to get cracking on that and get it finished. It's pretty small, and just not quite my type.  And, I have another model assignment after that, that I need to get together and get started.  I'd like to take on one more, but am holding off, as it is quite big, and until I get an idea on how I am doing on things and the new year is shaping up(busy), I'll wait.  And I need to get farther on some of my own projects.  I'll post more pics as I get them done.