Friday, April 29, 2011

HAED Sale, Latest Start

HAED is doing their Mother's Day sale, 25% off through 5/9.

My latest start, a non HAED. The blue fractal I was telling you about. This is pretty much page 1 completed, of 45. It's on 28ct, 1x1, my smallest count yet. I really like it, even though these parts are "boring", works for me---but it's still the largest piece of fabric I have worked on as well! Hopefully the colors will come out a little more correct next time. Thinking I'd like to get more, but this one is luckily only a few colors, and 500x375. Most of the others are even worse!

I will not be doing the contests, they are too time consuming for the pieces I want to finish. And, of course, can't sell them. If I can still get them finished, I'd like to do giveaways, but I don't see finishing any of them in any near future.

I have ordered some of the HAED charts and will be listing them on my sites once they are in. I have a few coming from my bucket list even!

Monday, April 18, 2011

HAED Bucket List

Always seems like I have more things going on than what I get around to posting. Ok, so one of the things from last time, was my HAED bucket list. The charts that I really "must" have, stitch, and finish!! In my lifetime. This doesn't include anything else, what I have, gifts to be done, SAL's etc. And it's not to be morbid.....but what will it be like when you are gone? I want to accomplish more than just starts, esp if I am going to sell any. I do not have any of these charts yet. I will try to make a separate list, and mark the progress or rearrangement as it comes along. I've only put 20, hopefully that is on the low side. Alternative Reality Wall Amongst the Tulips Garmashova Arianrhod Galbreth Avarice Dahlig Bridge of Wings SPML Dragon Riders Roberts Fairy on Butterfly Faulkner Forgiveness Vintage Angel Collection Go With The Flow Phelan Golden Autumn Bromley Little Blue Stewart Magic Pinkney Purple Orchid Kimpel QS Crimson Dream CCK QS Red Maple Fairy JBG QS Snowflake Wall Steam Butterfly Ashwood The Gathering Marchetti The Untold Story Wall Twilight Shimmer Anderson So how about you? What do you really think you can/need to do and finish in the land of HAED? As always, more updates to come....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Terra Update

Ok, the latest update to Terra Fairy for the HAED SAL. Pleased that I have been able to have some umm, noticeable stitching time. I have stitched on all the other projects as well, except Mermaid, just not doing the pics of those for now.

I have also gotten a new start, White Rose from Mystic Stitch(discontinued, I think.) I thought it would go quickly, since it's a huge black background, but I guess that is all relative! It should be quicker than these other pieces, but I am not working on it much yet, still trying to finish out some ebay unloading. And, it has no white; no shades of white. I was thinking of doing some sparklies in it, but hard with no really white areas, will have to think about that. It's on white fabric, so perhaps when I get all the top black done and get to any color (35 lines), I'll start with some pics of it.

I have bought a new piece, too, on ebay. A fractal, (geometric style) blue....sigh. I may get another one or two, don't want those disappearing on me as ebay morphs again. But it is rather large, larger than many HAEDs. I've gotten all the threads, a lot, but it's only a few shades of color, and big blocks of color. Itching to start it, but likely not until I finish something else.

Couple other updates, I will post about those soon!