Friday, April 29, 2011

HAED Sale, Latest Start

HAED is doing their Mother's Day sale, 25% off through 5/9.

My latest start, a non HAED. The blue fractal I was telling you about. This is pretty much page 1 completed, of 45. It's on 28ct, 1x1, my smallest count yet. I really like it, even though these parts are "boring", works for me---but it's still the largest piece of fabric I have worked on as well! Hopefully the colors will come out a little more correct next time. Thinking I'd like to get more, but this one is luckily only a few colors, and 500x375. Most of the others are even worse!

I will not be doing the contests, they are too time consuming for the pieces I want to finish. And, of course, can't sell them. If I can still get them finished, I'd like to do giveaways, but I don't see finishing any of them in any near future.

I have ordered some of the HAED charts and will be listing them on my sites once they are in. I have a few coming from my bucket list even!

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