Saturday, September 24, 2016

Nordic Santa, Bucilla felt Hearts pair, after a long week

So I was kind of cramming to get a finish this week.  I had a nice, bigger felt project, that I got all done, washed it, and yuck....the placement lines didn't come out.  I thought I had it lined up well, but it obviously wasn't covering all the lines, and that it would be fine after washing, light and dark lines.  No.  So I am stuck on that right now, going to have to work with that, to get that in shape to be able to sell; back to the back burner for now. I was fretting still about having finish to sell, plus I always have another running project as an in-progress WIP to show, these days, and was short on both.   I started a plastic canvas kit of a dragon, really cute, although I momentarily short circuited on how to do the half stitches on a PC design, it's been so long.  I had to go look it up, as this is not a simple pattern.   I switched off that after a little bit, getting back to a little zoo animal cross stitch, hoping to make that my finish.  No way, simply too much left to do. 

I went back to the felt, and brought out 2 ornament kits.  I had to get two, as this one did not have them in pairs. I was not intending to work on these for this year, it didn't seem like there was time, much less not the prettiest ones in the set first!  And in about 6 hours out of a 24 hour time period, I made the pair.  One of my quickest finishes ever, a pair of hearts from the Bucilla Nordic Santa ornament series.   Already up on Ebay  .  If it lasts, it will go on Etsy next week. 

I put the rest of the ornament kits away, as I have too many other things to get finished. Several things started, that I need to get done in rather quick order.  I got the letter that says I am now physically healthy enough to work a regular job.  Lol, not true, by any means of the imagination, so I have a lot of work to do here, will be burning the midnight oil, I think, for some time to come. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pixel Mosaic, XMAS Puppies, a Christmas start

I thought I would try to get a little more holiday type stuff going, so I started a pixel mosaic kit, (tiny plastic pegs on a board).  This is Christmas Puppies.  The first plate is finished, there are 9 plates total, that will connect when done.  So 15x12", 91 colors total. I am really liking the effect.

I have a few more projects that are close to being finished, so I hope I will have more pretty soon. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Stocking Felt XMAS Ornaments Finished

And here is the other half of the felt ornament set from Vervaco.  About 4" little red and white sealed stockings, stuffed, metallic cord to hang, with snowflakes.  Up on Ebay  and Etsy soon.

Working on a Christmas pixel kit, puppies now, too, giving myself just a hair bit of a break on the cross stitch.  A bit more complex though, hopefully it's one of the other things I can get finished before the holiday season starts.

Friday, June 24, 2016

XMAS Santa Felt Ornament Finish

A finish!  Part of it anyway.  This is half of a kit from a discontinued Vervaco.  Simple Nordic felt ornaments, one red, one off white.  Stuffed and with metallic cord, ready to go and listed  on ebay for sale.  The other half are two tone stockings, in the same colors and style. I'll have those up as soon as I get them washed and cord attached.  I'll add them to Etsy soon, if they don't sell quickly, and will post those links as I can.

It's been a rough few months, life has been crazy.  But the summer slowness has set in, so I hope to be getting quite a few more things worked on, finished, and listed.  I'm ready.  Past ready.  I've been working hard, with not much quiet time to let it show. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cross Stitch Finish, Bucilla Live Simply Mushrooms
So I have a finish, finally, on a cross stitch.  Amazing, since life doesn't seem to be slowing down, at the moment.  It's very small, so not exactly the kind of finish I wanted, but one nonetheless.  And it's the first one done, since turning my life upside down almost 2 years ago, voluntarily. This is from a Bucilla kit, one of those little 5x7" ones.  Called "Live Simply", cute little mushrooms and leaves.  14ct white aida, 2x1 full cross.  It's listed on ebay  right now, as long as it lasts. (US only)
Added to Etsy now.
And I am amazed, really. It took me less than a month from start to finish.  Hopefully I will get at least a few more small items completed soon! 

Friday, February 5, 2016


I've been posting WIPS of various crafts and projects on the Facebook page each week for this year, but am not going to cross post them all here.  I thought I would post this one though, as I have a little spare time.  This is an update on QS Motherhood from HAED.  It's about 70% done, and I haven't picked it up in a while. (Besides being busy, this is one of my older pieces, from before I broke away for a new life.  I've committed to only trying to work on one of those from that time period at a time, and slowly, as it is emotionally difficult.)  This is a grayscale piece of art, and very small, so I hope I can break through the block and get it done.  1x1 full cross on 25ct antique white, including the sparkly threads, 4 x 3/34" size.

It looks like I have another physical move, in the works.  I will be clearing out a few bead items, trimming up the supplies and business end a little. It needs to be downsized slightly, to fit for the move, and for more effective items.  This move should be the 2nd to last(very last).  And once I arrive, over the summer, I will be putting some serious effort into expanding, both for the beads and the finished items.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

QS Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate

I forgot I had taken this picture a while back, too.  But didn't post it!  And I haven't stitched more on it since the pic anyway.  This is QS Chocolate, Chocolate & More Chocolate, a HAED cross stitch of Randal Spangler's. Full cross on 25ct antique white.

Right now I have been working on a model cross stitch assignment, of a lizard.  I'd like to get cracking on that and get it finished. It's pretty small, and just not quite my type.  And, I have another model assignment after that, that I need to get together and get started.  I'd like to take on one more, but am holding off, as it is quite big, and until I get an idea on how I am doing on things and the new year is shaping up(busy), I'll wait.  And I need to get farther on some of my own projects.  I'll post more pics as I get them done.