Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Butterfly and Roses Pixel Mosaic, illness

A finish I thought I would have ready a while ago.  Butterfly and Roses pixel mosaic(non XMAS!) 10x8". 4 plates, 64 colors.  I somehow got stuck at the very end, just for the finish. While that happens sometimes, mostly it was because I wasn't feeling well, and just couldn't get that last oomph to get it done.  It's up on Ebay and Etsy already.

I sold the pink tiger head diamond painting.  I'd like to make another of those, but I really don't want it to be pink, so I am not sure I will order another one.  It was fun, so maybe sometime later, pink or not.

In the works?  I have a huge pixel of fall birds I would really like to get cracking on. I have a few small Christmas things that keep hanging around in my face, that I will probably shuffle around and work on.  I'd like to be fitting in one more non holiday type item soon, perhaps an oriental theme cross stitch.

But, in the meantime, I've been dealing with some serious illness. Not sure if it's really been noted much before, or it was way back, that I am not totally healthy. Chronic illness things that will never go away.  Hence, my foray into totally online craft and women things with the auction and website formats.  It's how I need to make money--- and how I can work and still take some downtime, as needed.  That bears repeating, the flexibility of crafting and working from home, lets me work around many types of scheduling issues.  Sorry if it's not always on the customer's timeline. Lately, it's been worse, and I've been more delayed than even I would like, but it couldn't be helped.  I've developed a severe secondary issue with my stamina, after being so sick with colds all winter.  It's not under control right now, but a bit better.

So---right now, most all of my energy is only on the most critical items. Usually listings and processing orders.  And I must, that is my income.  Other things will be processed as I can find the energy and strength.  (usually resolving itself before I get to it.)  

Add to that, shipping times have been extended.  I am not sure what happened to the Chinese New Year Festival, but it didn't seem to go that well, on their end.  Multiple issues with stock, delays, processing, message responses, etc.  Standard regular shipping has now been pushed to 25 days delivery.  Ouch.  It used to be 12-20.  Nothing I can do about that.  PLEASE start planning ahead, especially for holiday ordering, this could create quite a backup in October and beyond.

Anyhow, we seem to be at the edge of summer already.  I am busy still re-sorting from the Festival, and getting links updated, and adding items in several more categories.  I do not expect to do much crafting right now, but with several projects that were almost finished, I hope to have some more updates soon.

Be sure to check out the beads on ebay, I am clearancing a bunch of those out, permanently.  Older items that I have decided to drop, probably won't replace.  I will have some new items in the fall, to add, but it will be different beads, as well as more diamond supplies and dropship craft items, etc.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Candy Cane Pixel Mosaic, slow going

I have been working on other things!  Another finish, from a couple weeks ago, so the listings are already active for both Ebay and Etsy.  Candy Cane pixel mosaic.  This is only one plate, 4x5", but it also came with a plastic frame to set it off, so it's ready.  Pretty sure I will source another one, in pieces, cute idea, just not yet.

LTNS.  I have spent the entire winter going from one cold to the next, including right now. For me, that requires serious rest, in between what I can get done.  So I am still behind.  You will continue to see several Christmas projects coming out, as I did not get to get them done before Christmas.  And well, I think this year will mostly be a continuous Christmas, as those are my best sellers, etc, and it will be upon me before I know it, for this next year.  And, I really need to make things work.  On the more personal side, I continue to have a few things boomerang and chip away at my energies, that I thought were mostly done.

And, it's been the Chinese New Year.  That's been my time to dig in for some serious rework on website items, other listings, research, etc.  As the suppliers do not work or respond at all.  A few are just now coming back to work, but not that many, and they are swamped.  I am still processing orders, including some as custom(the regular listing was gone from them), so please please please be patient.  I haven't even had my email up this week, as I have no answers or updates, and no suppliers are answering until now, so, sorry, I will work on that as well.  Many listings will change, so please use the search function if you were looking for a specific diamond painting kit, or ring, etc. I will keep the names the same, but many have changed to alternate suppliers.

On that note, all emails etc should only be coming to the website.  I do not read or have direct access on a lot of other email accounts(including the payment processors), social media, or even mail etc.  It's yahoo  as TurquoiseRoads .  That's the only one to get you a (mostly) prompt reply and address your issue.  Orders, missing drills, tracking, artist removal requests, (at least from my site, I cannot control what China is producing), additions, etc, EVERY THING. Anything else unfortunately may be not seen, appear to be ignored, misrouted, or blocked. I streamline everything to that account only, online, for my health and sanity. Please use it.

In the meantime, omg, I am looking for warmer weather.  I hope that will ease a few of my cold issues and my work and productivity.  I do have another pixel mosaic in the works, and it's a spring/summer theme!  But then I will be right back to XMAS as I ponder a few other quick projects, or not so quick, that are more general in nature.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Jolly Santa Pixel Mosaic finished

This is a cute one.  Jolly Santa, a 10x8in pixel mosaic. 4 baseplates attached to make the picture with the plastic pegs. It should have gone a whole lot faster, but I was surprised with some family arriving in town--for a long stay. I have it posted on Ebay, next week to Etsy if needed.

I will have to take a pause on the pixels, as my diamond painting of the Red Christmas Bells has arrived.  It's later than I expected, so I will have to rush to get it done.  This is the one that I bought 2 extra, so they are here now, if you haven't checked out the FB page for TurquoiseRoads for the details on how to purchase the ones that are available to ship in the US right now, $23.99.  And of course, you can purchase any of the sizes for yourself, on the website here. This is a 35x35cm full square drill, hopefully a smaller, quicker project.  I am always open to work on these kits on a commission basis, as well, these in stock, or any that are listed, just like any of my other crafted items.

I had to stop on the Merry Christmas crossstitch text, just not enough time to get it done and make it available. I'd like to give people plenty of time to frame, and it is an odd size, so professional framing might be the norm.  I haven't wanted to put it too far away, but, never know.

I did start a new re-do on the Four Seasons cross stitch birds I had up.  The Fall and Winter birds had sold.  I have made the Fall bird available again, on ebay and etsy, the Winter one will be a few weeks. (I will also be making the Spring and Summer ones again, but they hadn't sold yet.) I won't keep reposting links to previously seen items, though, it kind of clutters this. I also have the Yellow Rose cross stitch up, again, if I didn't mention that previously.

Excited to get some new projects going though, with a couple finishes soon! --It's too cold out already, to be out goofing off.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Winter Stars pixel mosaic finish

A big finish!  Winter Stars pixel mosaic.  This came out really nice, I was afraid it would still look rather too pixelated, but just needed to be put together!  This is 15x12" and 9 plates of work. 38 colors. It's on Ebay, and I will add to Etsy in short order. Warning, yes these are very expensive, even if I were to source my own supply parts, it's just not a cheap craft.

I have a Santa pixel to start next, and I am working on a complex Merry Christmas cross stitch piece that I will have to be hustling to get done in the next week or so. Busy, busy, sales are bustling, so it's a rush for the next few weeks.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Halloween Pumpkin Finish, China Holiday

Another older finish, to some extent.  Halloween Pumpkin, from Artiste. 5x7" on 16ct white aida, full coverage 2x1 cross stitch. Some partial stitches, and I left off the backstitch, kinda looked cheesy. And wow, did this take a long time. Not just how long I've had it, but the actual stitching, as it's 16ct not 14. And it's all full coverage, and very few of these tiny charts ever are.  But I love it, rather stunning for only 3 colors. It's up on eBay  and I will give it a little bit before posting to Etsy.

Nothing much on the other pumpkin, the diamond painting. I am still waiting for missing drills to arrive, and have set it aside for now.  I may not pick it up again until the spring, to be worked on in advance of next holiday season.  I'm going to pick out a Christmas one this week, which will be one with extra kits, to also sell direct once they arrive.  This is just on the FB page, as I am not ready to add to the Ebay site until after the main holiday season for me is done.

I also have square diamond drills #310 and #318 already shipping to me.  Those will be available in a week, or so. Also, preferably through FB, although I have added to a stationary Bonanza site for those, as it is much slower, and some other perks that eBay doesn't have.

I'd suggest if you've been waiting to place some orders, that you do that soon, for diamond paintings or other items on my shop site.  The October Festival in China is Oct 1-7 and they are closed all that time.  And from what I remember last year, seriously closed. Nothing happens.  Which means you need to order a few days before then, so the order can be processed, sent to the shipping containers, and out to sea, before Oct 1.  Some of my suppliers are MUCH faster than others, but of course, you don't know which ones, beforehand..... So, considering that also falls into a weekend, before that, I'd suggest you place orders by Sept 24 or before. If not, it could be 6 weeks before you get your items, as they will be backlogged as well.

In the meantime, the weather has been giving me some fits, but it is storm season and the change into cooler weather. I do hope to have some other finishes posted soon, but with a few of those issues, and it being well into my selling season, there are only so many hours in a day!  Be safe out there.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Poinsettia pixel mosaic, holiday things

So this was my next finish. This is a pixel mosaic, really enjoying these, just wish they weren't so expensive. Possibly I can get materials to make more, a little cheaper. This is Poinsettia, 4 baseplates that come out to 8x10". It's on Ebay  as well as Etsy already.  I am working on another one already, a winter but not necessarily Christmas one, lots of blue. And I ordered another Christmas one, best chances of selling some of these, for now. I'll branch out into other types as I get into next year.

Holidays.  Somehow, this is creeping up really fast.  It's been a somewhat quiet, yet furious year of work. And somehow, not ever catching up!  So there won't be a lot of holiday crafts from me this year, not much more. Everything I currently have slated in front of me, is about it. And from a selling prospective, for crafts, but even general living, it's time to start thinking about that. As a crafter or seller of them, it's time to be ordering those supplies, if you haven't already.  My China items take nearly a month to arrive, so if you are looking at diamond paintings for Halloween and into Christmas, it's time.  The winter chill will be arriving in some parts, soon, so I am starting to stock other items, as well, warmer and some party dresses, jewelry, etc. A month to arrive, on average--.

I'm also starting to see about trying to get some beads direct, from China, on hand, and misc related stuff. Not a lot, but trying to see if there is more than a small desire for them. I tend to stay for the higher professional market, but I am getting requests for cheaper beads and smaller packages, so I may see if I can accommodate at least a few things. Only so many things I can expand at a time, until I see more growth, and right now, that is in the spring. In a few weeks, I will only be busy filling orders and trying to get a couple crafted things out the door.

Right now, I have two pumpkin things in the works, I'll show some pics on the next postings, as one is a diamond painting kit that I have 2 of, that are on hand for immediate shipping. (Can check my FB for that info.)

Friday, July 20, 2018

Pink Goldfish in Bubble, merged sites

A little late, both on finishing and on posting.  Hard keeping up with social media when there is so much to do.  And social media is not the most fun place to hang out, of late.  Maybe after the next election?  But, so here is the Pink Goldfish in Bubble diamond painting.  40x40cm, full square.  I added some lavender bubble looking washi tape to the edges, as it was a bit sticky.  It's up on Ebay and Etsy, too, already.  Fun, I just got distracted near the end with some family issues, and that last

But, my observations, I think I either like the small partials, or I would need the massively big diamond paintings as projects.  I like the small really 3D sparkly look, or it would need to be huge so it looks like a painting, for real.  This middle of the road pixel look, loses the effect, I think. And possibly, I just prefer the round drills, not square.  So I think I will start ordering some small partials, for me to do and list, quickly. And browse for some massive ones, for later in the year(maybe NSFW? I have my eye on one or two mild ones).

I do also already have some other kits here, and a Halloween one coming, cat and pumpkin diamond painting, but I will save all that for another post. The Goldfish I do still have 2 kits on hand, and the Halloween cat, I will also have extra kits, maybe next week. Please check the FB page in the meantime.  I will also post when I have ordered more drills, black 310 in round and square and one of the whites, when I have actually done the order.

Progress is just a little slow.  It's been an odd, rambling, hot, summer.  And it seems to be ready to ramp up for XMAS.  So when things are a little more liquid, stuff will move a little faster.  I am still ordering beads, however, you may notice that the name has now changed for sales.  Ebay is now TurquoiseRoadsUS, and a few links have been changed.  I am merging almost all of the sites and pages together. A few things that are craft related will likely stay separated, as it's not quite as contemporary and such, (eyeroll) as the new manufactured items. I have a page on most social media outlets.

The Yellow Rose cross stitch sold.  I do have more supplies, patience, I will list again.

And I do have another finish. A nice one. It's already done, but I will save that for another post.