Friday, April 6, 2018

Siamese Cat in Blue Diamond Painting, bead sell off

Yes, finally done. My Siamese Cat in Blue.  This is a diamond painting, a partial, the cat except for the eyes, is the only part worked, in round drills.  Really glad to have this one done, it's so nice, and I had started it almost a year ago, before things got a little crazy.  The Ebay listing is done, if it lasts, it will head to Etsy soon.  

Means I get to move on to one that I call Tie Dye Flowers.  Another quick partial, I am hoping to have done fast. I would like to take a break and work on a cross stitch after that, in between. But I also have a Pink Goldfish coming, full and square, that I will be itching to start.  I need to get a couple other kinds of projects done, though in between.

Not as many as I thought. I finally got all of my personal items back, after being packed and split between places, and some suffered damage.  A couple of expensive cross stitch kits, some pixel projects already started, and several large paint by numbers not open, bunch of yarn lost too, water damage.  Sigh. I try not to think about that!  I will get a few of those replaced, that I can, but I'm sure the originals are old enough, that it will have to be new designs. As I am really happy with the diamond painting, it's still not all that much angst, sorta. 

To that end, I think I may also sell off some cross stitch patterns.  I have some large HAED ones that I suspect I will not work on.  Just reality.  I will be converting a few to diamond paintings(and am offering supplies for those that want to do that with patterns), but the reality is those would become massive diamond paintings, even with mid range patterns, and that is probably out of my interest range.  Anything past a decent poster size, I don't think I could work on, store or sell easily.  Pretty sure those will end up on ebay.  Nothing unusual, not ancient, but stuff that needs to go, I think, once I look them over.  Those will probably be fixed price listings, as I am in no hurry to be rid of them, and am still looking for about half price.  These are the paper charts, I have some pdfs that I am stuck with, and those will be my convert to dp projects for sure.

I don't think I had mentioned that I will be selling off almost all the beads, as well. So check out my ebay items.  I'm not ready to post about changes to the business yet, in a concise manner, but it will be very soon.  That is one change. I am going to stop selling beads, sooner than I expected.  I will keep a handful of the very best sellers, silly not to, but everything else listed as a bead item, needs to go, and will not be restocked. BUT I AM STILL IN FULL SWING FOR BUSINESS.  If anything, you may notice a dramatic increase in items. But they will be craft items, kits, supplies, diamond painting supplies and kits, a few women's items, and handcrafted finished work, at a more rapid rate(yay). 

If you have been following along for the website for TurquoiseRoads, remember you can find me now on nearly every social media platform.  I think I will be opening a Facebook Group, as well, for professional diamond painting buy/sell of kits, supplies and finished art. Not enough hours in the day!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Fringed Purple Tulips Done, Chinese New Year

A finish! First of 2018, and first one in quite a while, at least for anything new, not re makes.  So this is the Fringed Purple Tulips, a diamond painting.  It's a partial, just the flower blooms are done in the raised dots.  It's small, 40x30cm, with round drills.  It's currently on Ebay  not sure it will last long, (will have to see if I can get another one if it does) but I will get it to Etsy then before the end of the month, if it's still up.  Fun stuff.  Think I will go back to the Siamese cat one that I was working on, it was giving me a little trouble, but ready to work on it again.

So, one thing about these Chinese items, is that they follow a different holiday schedule.  And right now, it's the Chinese New Year.  And what does that mean?  No shipping for 2 weeks from my suppliers from there.  Holy cr*p!  But it's true. So all this amazing hard work I have been doing lately on my other site, TurquoiseRoads is somewhat for naught, this second.  Yikes.  I've added a lot of diamond painting kits, working on some sexy dresses, and makeup and such.  You can still order, it will just be near the end of the month before anything ships.

Patience in the day of instant everything.  Anyway, I should have some more updates and perhaps another finish very soon.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

WIP of New Start, New Year

First new start of the year, actually, first work of any crafting of the new year.  I got this last year, on ebay, I call it Fringed Purple Tulips, a partial diamond painting. Really love the colors, just the flowers are filled in, in purples.  Round drill, 40x30cm.  It's a mood lifter, and I am enjoying a little peace and quiet, working on it.  Since it's small, hopefully I will have it finished and listed for sale, in the next few days; I'll post an update when it's ready, along with some other updates about business in general.

Life is still tough.  I have moved again.  Back near where I was, but not the exact part of town, as I couldn't handle doing that.  A temporary place, with nearly no distraction.  Not sure how long that will be, but at least a few months.  I hope to make some real progress in mentally, emotionally, and crafting/business healing.  Things are going well in the business sense, just a little tough when I have so many pieces to keep together, alone, and my expenses are so high right now. 

But it's a new year.  I'm working through it.  Hoping that this year brings some smoother sailing as I start to get myself righted.....instead of looking back at how painful(and scary) last year was.  Peace to all that are struggling.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Hot Corvette Diamond Painting Kit, plug links

Diamond Painting Hot Corvette Car in Desert   from my TurquoiseRoads  shop.  Just one of the many random craft kits and women's items being added. I wish I had more to show for my own progress on the diamond paintings, but I am not able to spread out and get that going right now.

Since I don't have much of any updates, I thought I would put a few plugs out there, as I am quietly still working on my storefronts, etc.  A few hiccups with some slower shipping times, which may continue for a short while longer, but otherwise, MOST business as usual.

One of the things not as usual, is my crafting.  Not only do I not exactly have the time, but my mental and emotional health is a little frazzled.  The past few months have been extremely stressful, and trying to sit and craft, when I feel like there are so many other things to be doing, and frankly, not able to relax, at all.......just not really working.  So if anyone has been watching my FB on The Blushin Rose, etc. that's why there have been no updates, and unfortunately, pretty ignored.  My interpersonal brightness just isn't around again yet, sorry.

For those watching the ebay things for dropship, the upheaval of the summer, and the storms, put me in a precarious spot, and the ebay storefront is closed, for now, on that. I have slowly been moving them, on relevant items, to The Blushin Rose space on ebay.  I have opened an additional Bonanza site, to list all of that inventory, and more, as it moves slower, and there are very little restrictions.

Busy.  It's plenty for me to plug away at, moving and sorting items, it's a tedious process to list items from scratch.  Real bead, kits, crafts, growth etc, is in a holding pattern until next year sometime, spring at least.

On that note, my personal situation has not resolved, at all.  Not sure what I am doing in a new town, so far from where I was. Not getting much assistance anywhere, and can't get settled.  So if anyone feels like being nice and letting me have some relief,  please feel free to go shop and make some purchases.  If you'd simply like to donate a few dollars to the cause, I've used some old links and brand new, to set up a little funding.  Paypal  and ko-fi  have been set up.  I will be in some real need until at least mid January minimum.

Blessings, hopefully I have some better news soon.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Golden Lilies Diamond Painting, A Farewell, and New Start

Golden Lilies Diamond Painting.  It looks nothing like the picture they advertise, a very striking gold with soft flowers, but eh, it's China.  I wasn't expecting a much more dull print, somewhat country, primitive even.  Not exactly my style, but it came out well, and I think it would be a nice addition to many environments.  This is a small one, almost 22"x12", one of the smallest of this size.  I really am going to have to stick with bigger and better!  It's been on ebay  now for a bit already, I will update etsy pretty soon. I do have another one started(a kitty!), putting these little dots on canvas, is really fun, it goes quicker!

But.  It's been a while, since I posted. A long while, longer at least than normal.  And I still struggle with even posting, now.  Sometime back, I recall posting about.....people, take time to appreciate the ones you have around you.  Even when they are sick and struggling.  There are no really big problems, usually, especially with someone sick, it's all small stuff, and just one day at a time.  Unfortunately, perhaps, my tenure with that is over.  I lost one of the best friends I have ever had, earlier in the summer.

That has caused a snowball of more serious problems, for me, as we lived together.  With some urgency, I have had to move.  So I packed up, with all my stuff, and moved another few states away.  I am facing some challenges, with having to do so many things on the fly, so please bear with me, on the business end.  I have not even had time to deal with the loss, in having to make so many changes at once, with all my things packed up, and some uncertainties in front of me.

So.  A very rough summer. I am hanging in here, for the fall and hopefully an okay XMAS season.  Not quite on such a roll as I was, before the world flip flopped.  (Somehow, this always happens to me.)  I am hoping to be settled, a bit, soon, and maybe get a handle on cranking out some good work, once I get a breather for a minute.  Hang tight, everybody.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

White Tiger Head, pink, Diamond Painting Finished

Another finish.  This is a 30x30cm full coverage diamond painting.  Round rhinestones. A white tiger head, that isn't white.  It looked white, but no.  No whites in the kit, and trying to source those are rather difficult.  It's pale pink, purple actually, DMC antique violet.  I did let the seller know, but I don't think that will change anything.  So buyer beware, if you plan on buying this one as a kit, it's widely available, to make for yourself. No white or cream, but 2 shades of pink.  It's a beautiful chart otherwise, so I just keep thinking he's in the sunset, lol!  The oddities of buying things from China. Listing for Ebay and Etsy .

I have started another diamond painting, some lilies.  Not nearly as pretty as the stock image, but it will still be nice when it's done.  That one should be done pretty soon. And yes, I do have another after that, I am liking these. 

I have also gone back to my XMAS puppies pixel kit, I only had one plate done sometime last year.  Much more complex than the poinsettias that I just finished, but it's coming along nicely.

I really thought the summer was going to be slow, that I could get a lot of crafts done, but this has been a bang up month for selling beads. Awesome!  But somehow it's working, the trade off of selling and crafting is smoothing out a little. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Poinsettia Pixel Finish

Yay, another finish.  And somewhat of a hard one.  This is a pixel kit, plastic pegs about 2mm that stick into plastic board plates, forming a mosaic.  This has 4 plates, lined up and attached, and taped, underneath.  10"x8" total, 15 colors.  I've had a couple of these kits, but my first finish of one.  And wow, they are expensive. (Getting my own supplies isn't much cheaper.)  This is called Poinsettias II, from PixelHobby.  Can't believe I got a totally fresh start and finish, in reasonably early time for Christmas.  The backing seems a bit flimsy, they definitely need a foamboard or something type reinforcement, but I love the finished look.  A different kind of durability than a cross stitch.  It's up on Ebay and Etsy

I am almost finished with my white tiger (pink) diamond painting. I decided to knuckle down and get through that one.  So I will have more to post soon.