Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goals for 2010

Thought I would get back to this; I have a bunch of other things rumbling around in my head about the business, but this part should be simpler!

So, main stitching type goals: I'd like to have Faces Luna HAED finished by Dec, that would be a one year project if I can finish by then. Trying to see if that is realistic with everything else going on. I'm making okay progress, so not out of the running yet.
SK Mermaid HAED. I was hoping for June/July. Don't know if I'll make it, haven't finished page one yet still, although page two looks very easy with blocks of color. The confetti stitching was a little more than I expected, but the 22ct is nice.
At least one(two?) non HAED, easy cross stitch. I have Design Works Frog Pile that will be the start for that, a beach collage from Janlynn perhaps, and a tiger from Vervaco in sight.
And then I have non stitching craft stuff. I'd like to have at least one more designer quilt squares set done, besides getting the easier ones I have almost finished, done. Some knit discloth sets, and maybe some crochet squares. I've started a felt XMAS stocking too, barely, it would be nice if I could get that done.
Business wise, I need to be making enough money to go back to doing all this full time. I'm doing some full time work for someone else right now. So I need that to transition by Sept.

And non business wise, we are looking at house hunting, hoping to pick a house in the SW FL coast and be able to move in by Dec. Plenty on my plate, but looking forward to most of it these days, a welcome change!