Monday, October 3, 2016

A bright spot in another odd week, Star Ornaments

So, my cord on my laptop burned out.  3rd time, I knew it was coming, but I didn't order the cord quickly enough, and I have mostly been offline for the week.  I am struggling right now, with one of the other burned out cords, that still had a little juice in it; tired of waiting for the new cord.

Means I have had time to stitch!  I got the next nicer ones in the ornament set done--I know I said I wasn't, but the heart set already sold!   And since I had so much time, I brought out the kits and started to work on a few of them already, when I got the notice that the hearts sold on ebay.  So real quickly, I made the similar stars in the set, and those are now listed, ebay  and already on etsy  as well. 

When I get a chance, I will be working on some of the other pieces in the set.  I have ordered more of those kits, on sale even, so other than the hearts right now, I have time to let that sit before I remake a bunch more, depending on what sells.  (This is the Bucilla Nordic Santa series.)

I started a new cross stitch, medium size magnolia flower that is turning out so much better than the picture.  I hope that will be a finish pretty soon.  This last order of stuff, I got a really cool tiger with a midnight sky pixel kit, huge, I am really wanting to start that.  And it's all about as much finishes as I can get going, the cycle has started, so lots on my plate. I'm excited!