Saturday, February 26, 2011

Work at Home update

I seem to have some free time today.....or, at least....doing everything except the things I would normally be doing.

So, a couple people have asked, where I am at, with my work at home, clicking etc work. Hard to give hard and fast numbers(and for personal reasons, not exactly inclined to), but I'll see if I can break it down.

Swagbucks: I click pretty often, and average a $5 Paypal payment in just over two weeks. Monthly, not quite $10.

Mechanical Turk: I'm pretty religious and obsessive, but some days I don't click at all. Monthly, averaging $120 cash.

BeRuby: Not using it much, just daily clicks. Haven't cashed out. Monthly, gathering about $2.00 in my account.

Neobux: Standard member; I click as often as I can for what is available, daily. So I always get extra clicks. 26 rented refs. Always reinvesting, never cashed out. Monthly about $1.40; I can buy 3 new refs about every two weeks.

Onbux: Gold member; I click my daily renewal count and not a lot more. Paid cash for the gold upgrade. 74 rented refs. Always reinvesting, never cashed out. Monthly about $4.20; I can buy 3-5 refs every week(6 days).

Anyway, I have a few other piddly ones, not particularly worth mentioning at the moment. Although MyPoints is good, I don't track it specifically, let me know if you want an email referral link. Anybody wants strategy advice, give me a shout.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ordering Charts

Ok, I will be placing a wholesale order with HAED, if there is anything you want, let me know. Whatever I get, will make it's way to my site(s), if not spoken for. Generally that is 15% off with like $2 shipping, US, or free shipping on regular price for a holiday chart. Forgiveness will for sure be one of the charts--but I need a head count if you want one! Also probably SK Lucia. I'm guessing it will be at least a week before I put an order together.

Thinking I am ordering the alphabet series, to stitch/sell. Have noticed that I think I need to concentrate on the lesser colored charts for a while. Doesn't matter on the size, but 80-90 colors is just a bit daunting right now. (Forgiveness and SK Lucia are in the 40-50 color range.) Don't get me wrong, I like them, it just doesn't go quite fast enough if I want to sell any stitched work. The lowest I've visibly seen listed so far is one that only has 27 colors, and that is one with like 20 skeins of black! I am thinking I will make a list of lower floss charts, like 60 or less colors. I'll be posting it here; if you have any to input, feel free to mention them, as I personally will not be going through all 5,000+ cross stitch charts available.

More pics coming soon! Working away on Terra, going really well. Looking back at my list of 2011 goals..I will have to put it down for a while, and work on some of my others.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stitching, at last!

Finally, some stitching! I've been working on the old HAEDs from the past contests, just not a lot to show. Plus here, started the new one, QS Terra Fairy Sprite. Nice with larger blocks of solid colors. And then a special hooded baby towel--I'll be making more of these, for sale.(Pics are clickable for a little enlargement.) I've even pulled out the Frogs, maybe that will be my next finish, if not the little Yellow Rose.