Sunday, August 21, 2011

Short break from stitching

So, I've actually had to take a short break from stitching, medically dictated. I did try to work around and start a felt stocking, but very slow going as well. So while I am supposed to be overall resting....I thought I would insert on my latest work at home, ptc type stuff.

Hmm, so onbux bit the dirt. They quit paying, typical. Keeping up with neobux, although I am not sure why, the click amounts are so low. I have a couple others like that, not even going to mention at this point. Most of the good ones are still listed there on the left, probably not quite up to date though. I will look that over as I am feeling better. The big odd widget there is for ICS, very quick surveys, I'm liking that one and have been paid there already. BuxP is probably my favorite(but use your anti virus), lots of ads; I've cashed out twice. Can't remember if I had ever posted on Beezag before, short videos to view. Limited, but quick and it adds up; I've accumulated enough to cash out, but haven't yet. Also liking Superpoints, lots of small tasks if you poke around. I've already cashed out once there. Only thing, is they are invite only, one per person, and they expire kinda quickly. I'll put some here, and try to keep it updated. Invite, invite and invite. Anyway, I am probably making about $10+ a month right now consistently, just from a few of these things. I haven't been doing Mturk much or some of the others. Questions, more info....let me know, I'm happy to share.

Anyway, hopefully I am back to stitching, and more pics, in a few days. And...maybe Blogger won't be so stingy about telling me when I have comments here.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Charts are in

Ha, is that me or what???! Probably the rest of you too......I didn't even see it, my sweetie saw it, and put it on my car.

I've been a little remiss, life gets in the way sometimes, and that's what is up right now. I'll be better on track here shortly.

Anyway, my chart order came in. I did mail out special requests, but I haven't had a chance to list any up for sale. I'll post when I specifically put up Lily Pool, since other stores are the only way you can get that one.

And, I have page 15 of Chelsea's Gift, as my assigned part, for the gift. Anyone else?