Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pics and SALs

Yep, I'm quite sure I've been remiss and a bit absent.  Busy, busy, mostly in the personal sense..not so much in the stitching or business sense.   Probably will be still hustling a bit over the next couple months. Trying to get an organized routine down---as helpful as it is hurtful!!

Anyway, so a burst of the other last pics of 2012 that I didn't get out here.  Top is Fractal 76 from Cross Stitch Collectibles, 1x1 on 28ct white.  Then SK Blossoms, SPML, HAED, 2x1 on 18ct white.  Letter R, Selina Fenech, HAED, 2x1 18ct white(sparklies are Kreinik #4 braid 1/2 only 2 strands).  And Forgiveness, Galbreth, HAED, 1x1 on 28ct white.

Other than that, main progress has been starting the HAED SAL, Mystic Garden, 1x1 on rose 25ct.  And a FB SAL, with a Tilton Crafts one, Vermilion Paradise 1x1 on 28ct white.  I had thought I was moving right along on QS Pale Rose, too....but messed up on it pretty good I guess while I was sick, so I tossed that--we just won't talk about that one right now.  At least I do want to restart it.