Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mystic Garden SAL

Ok, an update, didn't think it had been this far behind. This is for the 2013 HAED cross stitch SAL.  This is Mystic Garden started, on 25ct antique rose, 1x1 full cross.  I'm kind of at a stopping point....again.  So I haven't gotten very far, and not sure I will.  I do this every SAL.....fantastic charts, so I end up joining, and I really don't have the time, or patience, for it.

Maybe I'll have better resolve and quit doing that.  These are intended for giveaways, so it's not totally frivolous, but based on what I am trying to get done,  it's more distraction than I can afford, I think. I have been physically feeling a little better, very small steps here and there.  It still takes me too long to do anything.(Bad enough that it already did before I got sick.)  I am feeling pressure to make the business venture more of a go, things that are finished, getting views, and a couple things generating money....before this time next year.

So I need to get my head on straight.  There are still plenty of things swirling in the personal background, as well as the road to recovery.  And I do have a few other things going to generate some immediate money.  I will need to change the balance of that some.  I also think I want to really concentrate more on the adult section of cross stitch.  The zodiac and birthstones are still important, too.  I need to cut back on allowing some willy nilly projects though.  And I still need stitchers that want to work at home with these kinds of charts.  Hopefully soon I will have more concrete info to post on a few things.