Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween Bracelet, more items, and Etsy

Another finish!  Another seed bead bracelet.  I meant, of course, to have this done right on the heels of the other one, but obviously, that didn't happen.   This is pretty much the same dimensions as the other one.  A hair over 7 1/4" diameter , $28.  Soft lined yellow, soft lined orange, opaque black, and opaque white Czech seed beads, in theme for Halloween.  Black thread this time, which is more visible for sure.  It's up on Ebay  and I have also recently opened another storefront with it.

Remember, anything purchased direct from me, non store purchases get another 5% off. (Just tell me you want it.)  With the handmade items starting to just trickle in, I thought it was time to go back and try Etsy again.  So I have opened that up, now all the handmade finished things(of mine personally) will be separated in one easy to find place, instead of mixed in with WIPS and other postings.

I will have some other things coming now soon, I did have some cross stitch WIPS I didn't post, and a piece I will be working on as a model stitcher.  I still have a few other projects getting near completion, so I think the bead projects will be laid aside until the 1st of the year at least.