Saturday, November 28, 2009

Getting started

Ok, this is a real quick start. Do you stitch HAED? How about other challenging XS? Quilt? Bead? Crochet? Etc??? I'm looking for skilled stitchers and other artists/craftspeople.

You should already love what you do. But not enough that you can't part with it! You make it, I sell it. Simple idea, I just know it could take several years to come full circle.

So that's why I am starting now. I'm looking for you if you want to be a part of this venture. I realize these projects can take a lot of investment, in time, energy, and money. So it's no rush. Pick a chart you like(no trademarked items, please) and work at your pace. I know many of you have busy home lives; holidays, kids, other jobs, health issues. Join and share your progress, post pics and stitch progress--I will need to know total stitches on finished XS.

I will post again soon with more details!