Monday, January 31, 2011

Forgiveness Chart

Ok, fabulous cross stitch chart, JBG and HAED. The site seems to be having some errors linking directly, so I thought I would post it here. This may be one not only I have to stock, but stitch myself as well.

And, edited to add......didja know it only has like 50 colors??! Most are 90, and maybe too "challenging" with that much.

Friday, January 28, 2011

HAED Sale & Bobbin Floss Winding Service

Valentine's Day Sale for Heaven and & Earth Designs, 25% off cross stitch charts through 2/14.

Also, will be offering to sell regular DMC floss wound on bobbins and marked. Gets you started on your projects faster! One skein, hand wound on 2 blank cardboard bobbins(these are so thin), color number written in black pen ink as large as possible in the left corner, as a standard. If your personal system is different, changes can be made, ie DMC bobbins, different ink, other corner... This starts at 10 for $5, 50(approx) for $25, and 100(approx) for $50--I don't mind if on the larger amounts you need 51 or 102.... Edited to add a pic and yes, listings are up on The Blushin Rose(link over on the left).

And, if you use this link to sign up a Pro Artfire Store yourself, get your 3rd month free. Here

Friday, January 14, 2011

HAED Roanoke Cross Stitch Chart, Discontinued

So I did get the copy of the Roanoke HAED cross stitch chart, that is discontinued. However, offhand, I am not seeing the photo page.... I will have to investigate further. Anyway, it is offered here first, $10 plus shipping. Emailing at yahoo artistsforhire will get the quickest response.

In the meantime..already feeling pressured for time on things I want to make and get done. Between company all last week and a small personal project that isn't going well.....just feeling the crunch. (Time to break out that 400g white Toblerone chocolate gift!)

I did manage to get XMAS projects put away, and a little straightening...but at mid, January, that may be almost halted mid way. I have "announced" stitching goals for HAED, minimum: SK Mermaid finished, SK LOTW finished, Faces Luna finished, as well as the freebie SAL(s) for the year. Along with all the other stuff I get into--the yellow rose, frogs, and it won't be long before I have to think about more holiday projects.

Hopefully some of you are making more progress!!