Friday, January 14, 2011

HAED Roanoke Cross Stitch Chart, Discontinued

So I did get the copy of the Roanoke HAED cross stitch chart, that is discontinued. However, offhand, I am not seeing the photo page.... I will have to investigate further. Anyway, it is offered here first, $10 plus shipping. Emailing at yahoo artistsforhire will get the quickest response.

In the meantime..already feeling pressured for time on things I want to make and get done. Between company all last week and a small personal project that isn't going well.....just feeling the crunch. (Time to break out that 400g white Toblerone chocolate gift!)

I did manage to get XMAS projects put away, and a little straightening...but at mid, January, that may be almost halted mid way. I have "announced" stitching goals for HAED, minimum: SK Mermaid finished, SK LOTW finished, Faces Luna finished, as well as the freebie SAL(s) for the year. Along with all the other stuff I get into--the yellow rose, frogs, and it won't be long before I have to think about more holiday projects.

Hopefully some of you are making more progress!!

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