Thursday, December 30, 2010

HAED Sale & 2011 Goals

So, HAED still has a New Year's sale going on, 30% off through 1/2.

Looks like I may have a copy of Roanoke chart(discontinued) of Kinuko Y. Craft and HAED. I'll post more once I have it in my hands, but I'm thinking this will be for sale individually. $10 plus shipping, only one copy. Send me an email at the artists email on yahoo if someone is interested.

And, of course, there are discussions of 2011 resolutions and goals. For some reason, that always creeps up on me. Personally, I'll still be the same me, for the most part, perhaps even more "bitchy"/independent. Not winning friends there, but I'm happy with it. And on the craft front, well, I'll have to post that later. Someone even mentioned one goal for each month. Not for me, but nice idea. I have plenty to accomplish, along the lines of creating. Not so much businesswise, on the cross stitch front anyway---I have to make it to sell it! More later.....

Be safe and warm the rest of this holiday!

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