Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SK LOTW and New Year SAL

Ok,not a lot to see, but that is my picture last week of SK Light of the World. Took me way too long to start, but it is started. It will be fantastic when it's done, I'm sure of it, but I make no guarantees of when it will be!

Also, there is a new SAL for the full year starting soon with HAED, are you joining? I'm thinking it will be Terra Fairy......and again, I can't start it until I get SK Mermaid done; just not.


  1. my LOTW is is the same place as yours i just can not get into her, i signed up for fragile heart this time, hoping i make better progress as i Love Hannah Lynn

  2. Yes I am also joining in the HAED SAL with Terra Fairy. I fell in love with her when Fudgy first posted her :) I can't wait for January to come so I can get started on her !!