Monday, November 13, 2017

Hot Corvette Diamond Painting Kit, plug links

Diamond Painting Hot Corvette Car in Desert   from my TurquoiseRoads  shop.  Just one of the many random craft kits and women's items being added. I wish I had more to show for my own progress on the diamond paintings, but I am not able to spread out and get that going right now.

Since I don't have much of any updates, I thought I would put a few plugs out there, as I am quietly still working on my storefronts, etc.  A few hiccups with some slower shipping times, which may continue for a short while longer, but otherwise, MOST business as usual.

One of the things not as usual, is my crafting.  Not only do I not exactly have the time, but my mental and emotional health is a little frazzled.  The past few months have been extremely stressful, and trying to sit and craft, when I feel like there are so many other things to be doing, and frankly, not able to relax, at all.......just not really working.  So if anyone has been watching my FB on The Blushin Rose, etc. that's why there have been no updates, and unfortunately, pretty ignored.  My interpersonal brightness just isn't around again yet, sorry.

For those watching the ebay things for dropship, the upheaval of the summer, and the storms, put me in a precarious spot, and the ebay storefront is closed, for now, on that. I have slowly been moving them, on relevant items, to The Blushin Rose space on ebay.  I have opened an additional Bonanza site, to list all of that inventory, and more, as it moves slower, and there are very little restrictions.

Busy.  It's plenty for me to plug away at, moving and sorting items, it's a tedious process to list items from scratch.  Real bead, kits, crafts, growth etc, is in a holding pattern until next year sometime, spring at least.

On that note, my personal situation has not resolved, at all.  Not sure what I am doing in a new town, so far from where I was. Not getting much assistance anywhere, and can't get settled.  So if anyone feels like being nice and letting me have some relief,  please feel free to go shop and make some purchases.  If you'd simply like to donate a few dollars to the cause, I've used some old links and brand new, to set up a little funding.  Paypal  and ko-fi  have been set up.  I will be in some real need until at least mid January minimum.

Blessings, hopefully I have some better news soon.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Golden Lilies Diamond Painting, A Farewell, and New Start

Golden Lilies Diamond Painting.  It looks nothing like the picture they advertise, a very striking gold with soft flowers, but eh, it's China.  I wasn't expecting a much more dull print, somewhat country, primitive even.  Not exactly my style, but it came out well, and I think it would be a nice addition to many environments.  This is a small one, almost 22"x12", one of the smallest of this size.  I really am going to have to stick with bigger and better!  It's been on ebay  now for a bit already, I will update etsy pretty soon. I do have another one started(a kitty!), putting these little dots on canvas, is really fun, it goes quicker!

But.  It's been a while, since I posted. A long while, longer at least than normal.  And I still struggle with even posting, now.  Sometime back, I recall posting about.....people, take time to appreciate the ones you have around you.  Even when they are sick and struggling.  There are no really big problems, usually, especially with someone sick, it's all small stuff, and just one day at a time.  Unfortunately, perhaps, my tenure with that is over.  I lost one of the best friends I have ever had, earlier in the summer.

That has caused a snowball of more serious problems, for me, as we lived together.  With some urgency, I have had to move.  So I packed up, with all my stuff, and moved another few states away.  I am facing some challenges, with having to do so many things on the fly, so please bear with me, on the business end.  I have not even had time to deal with the loss, in having to make so many changes at once, with all my things packed up, and some uncertainties in front of me.

So.  A very rough summer. I am hanging in here, for the fall and hopefully an okay XMAS season.  Not quite on such a roll as I was, before the world flip flopped.  (Somehow, this always happens to me.)  I am hoping to be settled, a bit, soon, and maybe get a handle on cranking out some good work, once I get a breather for a minute.  Hang tight, everybody.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

White Tiger Head, pink, Diamond Painting Finished

Another finish.  This is a 30x30cm full coverage diamond painting.  Round rhinestones. A white tiger head, that isn't white.  It looked white, but no.  No whites in the kit, and trying to source those are rather difficult.  It's pale pink, purple actually, DMC antique violet.  I did let the seller know, but I don't think that will change anything.  So buyer beware, if you plan on buying this one as a kit, it's widely available, to make for yourself. No white or cream, but 2 shades of pink.  It's a beautiful chart otherwise, so I just keep thinking he's in the sunset, lol!  The oddities of buying things from China. Listing for Ebay and Etsy .

I have started another diamond painting, some lilies.  Not nearly as pretty as the stock image, but it will still be nice when it's done.  That one should be done pretty soon. And yes, I do have another after that, I am liking these. 

I have also gone back to my XMAS puppies pixel kit, I only had one plate done sometime last year.  Much more complex than the poinsettias that I just finished, but it's coming along nicely.

I really thought the summer was going to be slow, that I could get a lot of crafts done, but this has been a bang up month for selling beads. Awesome!  But somehow it's working, the trade off of selling and crafting is smoothing out a little. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Poinsettia Pixel Finish

Yay, another finish.  And somewhat of a hard one.  This is a pixel kit, plastic pegs about 2mm that stick into plastic board plates, forming a mosaic.  This has 4 plates, lined up and attached, and taped, underneath.  10"x8" total, 15 colors.  I've had a couple of these kits, but my first finish of one.  And wow, they are expensive. (Getting my own supplies isn't much cheaper.)  This is called Poinsettias II, from PixelHobby.  Can't believe I got a totally fresh start and finish, in reasonably early time for Christmas.  The backing seems a bit flimsy, they definitely need a foamboard or something type reinforcement, but I love the finished look.  A different kind of durability than a cross stitch.  It's up on Ebay and Etsy

I am almost finished with my white tiger (pink) diamond painting. I decided to knuckle down and get through that one.  So I will have more to post soon.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Diamond Painting Fairy Cat, and other finishes

I had gotten this diamond painting off of Ebay, had a last minute coupon that I used.  I had no idea of the size or coverage when I bought it.  I was a little nervous to see how small it was, and a bit pixelated.  It's the 30x25cm size, and it's only a partial.  This is round drill rhinestones, 11 colors.  It's a nice design, I think I may want to do the much larger size, and do it again.  Anyway, it's up on Ebay and I will add to Etsy soon.  The kit, if you are interested, I have listed on the Turquoiseroads  site, full coverage and bigger.  Magic Fairy Cat

In the meantime, I sold the Swans with Roses diamond painting.  I haven't seen another partial one, exactly like that, so if I do it again, it will be slightly different.  Or I could do the full one, also listed on my TR site,  Swans with Roses

In the meantime, I've finished on of my pixel mosaic kits. I just don't have it all assembled, etc. yet, but that will be coming soon. It's nice to see at least a few finishes, after being so mired down with being sick. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Super Tiny Witch Hat Halloween XS

So, I have been scattered and impatient lately, the personal circus is not helping for me to get things finished.  I picked up a couple tiny fridge magnet type(but not magnetic) cubicle cross stitch, hoping to spur on some progress.  So, Artiste kit of Witch Hat. Cardboard mounted and plastic yellow frame.  14ct aida, about 2.5" square cross stitch design.   I hope to make a few of these, as long as I can find the supplies.  It's up on Ebay . I'll add to Etsy soon.

Very close to some other finishes soon, so I hope to have more up here pretty quickly.  Pixel work, cross stitch, diamond painting, regular paint, felt, etc....soooo close. I need to get around to some finishing touches.  The quietness of the summer already seems to be descending.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

All that glitters Diamond Painting Swans with Roses

So here is a new obsession and addiction!  Since I thought I would start selling the diamond painting kits on the dropship site (see the TR links or FB) that I should try it and see what it was like.  I bought this one on ebay, still from a seller in China.  It took 2 weeks to arrive.  This is just a partial one, not full coverage.  I call Swans with Roses, as there are no real names.  This is like a very lightweight banner material, vinyl, with adhesive and markings for where to place the faceted rhinestones.  This one has round stones, stick them in place with a sticky pen.  It took me 2 days to do this one, a miracle for a slow poke like me. Added to Ebay for now, Etsy at the beginning of the month if it lasts this long.  I have to figure out shipping tubes, etc.  And I do think they are heat sensitive, to extreme temps, so I will not be shipping during the summer months.

But it's fun, quick, and pretty interesting, sparkly! so I will be making more, probably steadily.  Like most any of the other crafts, I can do commission work on these, if you find something you like(or they do convert your own photos.)  Always the option of purchasing one and holding for cooler weather to ship, as well.  The other idea that was brought to my attention, was to perhaps bulk order a few, and keep them in stock and sell.  Likely through ebay.  A few popular ones, no waiting for long shipping and weird tracking from overseas.  Noodling on that one.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Riolis Baby Bunny Rabbit w pink ribbon

Finally, another little finish.  This one was tougher than I expected, and I won't be making it again.  From Riolis cross stitch kit, Baby Rabbit.  It's 10ct white aida, done 3x1 with wool.  Gah.  (and somewhere, I dropped the original needle.)  A challenge I really didn't expect.  But anyway, done, very cut, Easter, a baby, little girls might love it.  It's up just on Ebay for now, will have to see if it lasts long enough to go to Etsy

In other news, my dropship TurquoiseRoads is up and running, getting a little traction. You can find me on FB etc if you look.  I did order 2 of the small diamond paintings, for myself, (to sell), so I can get a personal idea of what they are like.  That way I know for sure I can answer questions, about shipping, suppliers, timeframes, supplies, techniques, etc.  As most of these are all from China, the English and correct help, is pretty lacking. So, on to a new venture.

I do hope to be putting out more finished work very soon, a lot on my plate right now.  I am downsizing the beads a bit on ebay, see link for The Blushin Rose, to make room for a leaner and smaller, better working storefront. Firepolish, drops and flower beads etc are going to make room for more Swarovski crystals, cabochons, the crafts, etc. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Vervaco Four Seasons Winter Cross Stitch, Powerseller

Yay, finally!  The last of the Vervaco Four Seasons kit, Winter.  Another tough one.  But I love how these look.  Listed now on Ebay and Etsy . I will be creating a listing for the entire set, as I think that is a possibility to sell that way.  I would like to do these again, especially since they are so small(3x4.5" on 18ct)  I just don't know when. 

I forgot to mention, somewhere back there, that I made Bronze Powerseller over the fall.  Maybe because it doesn't exactly mean anything, lol!  But I did, and I did notice, actually, for a somewhat dismal year, in some ways even to the end, that I had a pretty good Christmas selling season.  So nice, even that it continued at least half way into January, and I was hotfooting it to make a few more sets of those felt Christmas ornaments, who knew?  I would have gotten the cross stitch here done quicker otherwise!  So it looks like I will still be working on some XMAS stuff, here and there; if I can get some more done soon, I will go ahead and be listing, as it seems relevant completely year-round. 

Anything I can get done and out of the way(early!) is a blessing.  I have been lucky that things have been working, just enough.  For now, the independent dropship site is a little put on hold, as there are plenty of things to figure out.  I had thought I would list several niche type women's items, but I am going to have to launch with less.  When it's ready, I will have the diamond paintings, and some cross stitch kits, craft items.  The general women's categories will have to wait until I get a handle on things, and some time to work with listings. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Four Seasons Fall Cross Stitch, Numbers, Dropship

Finally!  The Vervaco Four Seasons Cross Stitch, in Fall.  This is probably my favorite, but boy, did it take a long time.  Find it on Ebay  or Etsy .  I will be starting the Winter one very soon, but I have a heart item I am trying to get finished first, somewhat Valentine's Day related.  I think I need to start projects sooner!

I've had a chance to look over my sales number for 2016, and it's not as good as I expected.  I was pretty busy, and I know I increased stock, including some more expensive items.  Kinda scratching my head.  I think I've finally started to move the older, cheaper stock.  While the end of the year kind of went into a tailspin with some personal problems, those were my best selling months.  Eh, I am not really sure what happened.

But, I need a more successful year.  MUST.  I have loaded up some more beads, and have several stitching projects working, but it doesn't look like that is cutting it.  I am still struggling with recovering from mono, as well.  I feel fine, just a mandatory rest period, overall, that is almost done, I hope. No guarantees.  So, I started a dropship account, mostly last year, 2, poking into that, to see if that works.  For now, just kind of a catch all for some different stock, and a few suppliers, on Ebay . I've been dinking around with it for a bit, and I think I need to try some different things, a different website.  Success isn't going to come from the set up I have going there.  So, stayed tuned, in the next few weeks, I hope to launch a full website of my own growing selections of items that all ship straight to you.  More on that next time.