Sunday, March 26, 2017

All that glitters Diamond Painting Swans with Roses

So here is a new obsession and addiction!  Since I thought I would start selling the diamond painting kits on the dropship site (see the TR links or FB) that I should try it and see what it was like.  I bought this one on ebay, still from a seller in China.  It took 2 weeks to arrive.  This is just a partial one, not full coverage.  I call Swans with Roses, as there are no real names.  This is like a very lightweight banner material, vinyl, with adhesive and markings for where to place the faceted rhinestones.  This one has round stones, stick them in place with a sticky pen.  It took me 2 days to do this one, a miracle for a slow poke like me. Added to Ebay for now, Etsy at the beginning of the month if it lasts this long.  I have to figure out shipping tubes, etc.  And I do think they are heat sensitive, to extreme temps, so I will not be shipping during the summer months.

But it's fun, quick, and pretty interesting, sparkly! so I will be making more, probably steadily.  Like most any of the other crafts, I can do commission work on these, if you find something you like(or they do convert your own photos.)  Always the option of purchasing one and holding for cooler weather to ship, as well.  The other idea that was brought to my attention, was to perhaps bulk order a few, and keep them in stock and sell.  Likely through ebay.  A few popular ones, no waiting for long shipping and weird tracking from overseas.  Noodling on that one.

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