Friday, November 15, 2013

Pixel Mosaic XMAS Bunnies

First plate of my pixel mosaic XMAS Bunnies finished!  Only 3 more plates to do before I can put it together.  This is plastic pegs that fit on a clear acrylic pegboard. Tiny, 2mm pegs.  Whoever said one of these baseplates could be done in 4-7 hours is off their rocker!!    Faster than cross stitch??  Not by much.  Anyway, love it, frustrating, challenging, but addicting.

Real, that's gone by the wayside, at least for now.  At least making some progress on these other things, bit by bit.  I've changed up sites, I will need to adjust all the links......took down the store, and for now putting everything that is finished, on a WordPress site. Maybe that will be easier for a while.   And as always, still looking for people that want to cross stitch from home!