Monday, June 28, 2010


Ok, this time I'm on top of it. HAED 4th of July sale on now, 25% off through 7/6. Have you seen some of those Nene Thomas charts out now?? Wow, those sure are pretty, and stirring lots of interest.

Some of those matte crystals are up already.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

HAED Father's Day Sale

Not meaning to slight anyone, so still a few hours to take advantage of that Father's Day sale at HAED, ends tonight!

Just back from vacation, lots of changes. Pretty good trip, but always seems too busy. We have picked a house, already, quicker than we expected. We'll see if that's the one we can get. If so, we could be moving to FL in Sept. Also, the real world job I had has pretty much disappeared, got that news while on vacation, too. So I have some pressure now to make this craft stuff activity step up quite a bit.

I also bought just a few little sets of Swarovski crystals, to frost. So you will see some of those up on Artfire too, just as soon as I can do them. (TheBlushinRose) Have done some stitching on Faces, should be able to post a WIP pic, and some other stitching on smaller pieces that will also be up on Artfire.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So is everybody signed up for the HAED July SK SAL??? Time is running out! I picked Light of the World, a lovely angel. Again, not exactly my type, but it just jumped out at me from the other selections. I will post pictures as I get started next month, and I should have an update on at least Faces Luna since I have it with me, perhaps even a little on the SK Mermaid.

And yes, I am on vacation. (Yay!) Much needed. Having a pretty good time, but still not getting much cross stitch in right now. Some, and anything is progress, right?

When I get back, I hope to place a small order with Golden Kite for some charts to list. I don't get as much of a discount as I do with HAED, but I'd like to get a few. So requests, please! (I do take requests without the requirement of purchasing. It will be listed on the website for you, or anyone else, to purchase at their leisure.) Otherwise, I may just order from HAED instead for now, I've seen some lovely charts released lately. You may request a purchase directly from me (email me at artistsforhire on yahoo, or twitter) or I will list them over on my Artfire site. For HAED, I generally order the Large Format charts, and then it's 15% off that price--direct purchase or on my website. When I get the Golden Kite ones, I think it will be 15% off as well(plus any new release discount they may be offering still).

Happy stitching everyone!