Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ok, another HAED sale, 25% off through 4/17. If those Kayomi kitties get done, I am sure a bunch of those will be in the sale buys! Lovely, and I am not a cat person. Looks like my heavy days on ebay are nearly done. (have probably said that before) With the latest changes, it really doesn't make sense, not for little beads etc. I might list some charts over there, will see. It may go gangbusters as more people leave. Means I need to really put some effort into Artfire being a place for me where things SELL! Bought a lovely fractal chart the other day, not here yet. Can't believe it had to be blue. But it should be interesting, not totally abstract, but nice geometrical swirls.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Picture Day

Ok, I promised more pics! I really am doing some stitching, etc! Frogpile is coming along, but driving me crazy. Rolled down some so you can't see the top ones at the moment, and doing some backstitch as I go. It was slated for sale, but I have a feeling it's going to family. Faces Luna, pulled out only in the last week, finally getting to some non cofetti spots. Mermaid, plugging along here and there, hard when it shares blues (visual and thread) with Faces Luna. And Light of the World, also getting to some non confetti spots. Plus of course Terra, posted previously, that I need to get back to for a bit. Which one will be finished first?? Hmmmm.....

Older XMAS Items, Plus Roanoke

Ok, some older pics first. Christmas stockings! These are all felt and sequins, sewn together. These particular ones were for family,(& two more in the making for them) but this style will be available for sale as I make more. Love this stuff.

And, I found a picture of Roanoke, for that chart I have. HAED chart, discontinued; $10 plus shipping. Email me artistsforhire over on yahoo.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Get them out of the drawer!

So there is a post about what people do with their finished XS pieces. And, like I thought, most sit in a drawer. Either the piece never made it to be a gift, or framing is too expensive(put your own word here)....or it was lovely to stitch, and that was as far as it got.

I tried to quietly put my .02 in, about trying to sell them. Quietly, don't want to irk anyone. If anyone has read way back.....I'd like to sell all this kind of stuff. Some of my views have changed on how large the undertaking would be, but the basic idea remains the same. And "raw", unframed is perfect! If you've looked on my site, The Blushin Rose ( or the holiday one ), you won't see a lot there, granted. Items are split between two sites, including beads, beginnings of HAED cross stitch charts, and other items that are not cross stitch, like felt ornaments and such. I have eased on pursuing other people, simply because I need to even get a few projects of my own done and listed!

And I am sure, something in there will need to be a HAED finish of my own, "first". I have been working on the SALs, and feel those should be giveaways, but we'll see. Faces Luna is not a giveaway, and I have pulled that out after a forced rest. SK Mermaid, SK Light of the World, and Terra (above) are all actively in the works. FrogPile is also being rotated, likely going to family. Etc etc etc. And before you know it, months have passed by.

I'm interested! What have you got to lose? Take those ones out that you will never hang, or gift or use for whatever you thought it might have been for. Get me some nice pictures, and we'll get it listed. You ship from your house(for now.) I am looking at pricing near a penny a stitch as a start, it can adjust down over time.

AND--it has to be quality work. I'm mainly looking for Heaven & Earth, Mystic Stitch, Golden Kite, Scarlet Quince, Art of Stitching type finishes. Heavy duty projects. (No get rich quick here.) I will also consider Lanarte, Mirabilia, Ink Circles, Chatelaine, etc type things. No primitive. Samplers would have to be stunning. Anything else small or cutesy is case-by-case, esp if it's not my own!

Still reading? Other crafty items will be mixed in, but I don't want to confuse anything here at the moment. So if you already stitch high quality original charted work, I'm happy to give it a go with putting it up for sale at a decent price--good art is worth it!

And, tomorrow if I get to it, is picture day. I took some WIP pics this afternoon.