Friday, November 19, 2010

HAED Thanksgiving Sale

Ok, the XMAS poinsettia kitchen towel, one of several, is done . Something along the line of real finished, ready to use products, have to have some of those. Corny perhaps, but necessary.

And HAED is having a Thanksgiving sale, 25% off through 11/26. Anybody thought about which 25 cross stitch charts they would like if they won the Christmas contest???

Thursday, November 11, 2010

HAED Veteran's Day Sale

Nice surprise, just saw on the Heaven and Earth Designs site that there is a 25% off sale, today only! Thank a vet and get some cross stitch charts! (And don't forget about their Christmas contest, if you can enter. That will be such fun for whoever wins!)

Not a lot else to report here, in a weird lull for XMAS. Working on XMAS kitchen towels(need something that is a truly "finished" product) and such. Brought out SK Mermaid and have done some stitches, still struggling with confetti. And I started SK LOTW last night, on 22ct white. Gotta have something for those pics!

And lastly, an update on those side money making things.....High marks for Onbux, moderate for Neobux.....and I am enjoying Swagbucks, too. (I also have Mturk going on the side...and Mypoints--I can send you a referral email.) Feel free to ask me on any of that stuff, questions, strategies, etc. Happy to share now that I've figured out what works!