Thursday, November 11, 2010

HAED Veteran's Day Sale

Nice surprise, just saw on the Heaven and Earth Designs site that there is a 25% off sale, today only! Thank a vet and get some cross stitch charts! (And don't forget about their Christmas contest, if you can enter. That will be such fun for whoever wins!)

Not a lot else to report here, in a weird lull for XMAS. Working on XMAS kitchen towels(need something that is a truly "finished" product) and such. Brought out SK Mermaid and have done some stitches, still struggling with confetti. And I started SK LOTW last night, on 22ct white. Gotta have something for those pics!

And lastly, an update on those side money making things.....High marks for Onbux, moderate for Neobux.....and I am enjoying Swagbucks, too. (I also have Mturk going on the side...and Mypoints--I can send you a referral email.) Feel free to ask me on any of that stuff, questions, strategies, etc. Happy to share now that I've figured out what works!

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