Monday, May 8, 2017

Super Tiny Witch Hat Halloween XS

So, I have been scattered and impatient lately, the personal circus is not helping for me to get things finished.  I picked up a couple tiny fridge magnet type(but not magnetic) cubicle cross stitch, hoping to spur on some progress.  So, Artiste kit of Witch Hat. Cardboard mounted and plastic yellow frame.  14ct aida, about 2.5" square cross stitch design.   I hope to make a few of these, as long as I can find the supplies.  It's up on Ebay . I'll add to Etsy soon.

Very close to some other finishes soon, so I hope to have more up here pretty quickly.  Pixel work, cross stitch, diamond painting, regular paint, felt, etc....soooo close. I need to get around to some finishing touches.  The quietness of the summer already seems to be descending.