Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So is everybody signed up for the HAED July SK SAL??? Time is running out! I picked Light of the World, a lovely angel. Again, not exactly my type, but it just jumped out at me from the other selections. I will post pictures as I get started next month, and I should have an update on at least Faces Luna since I have it with me, perhaps even a little on the SK Mermaid.

And yes, I am on vacation. (Yay!) Much needed. Having a pretty good time, but still not getting much cross stitch in right now. Some, and anything is progress, right?

When I get back, I hope to place a small order with Golden Kite for some charts to list. I don't get as much of a discount as I do with HAED, but I'd like to get a few. So requests, please! (I do take requests without the requirement of purchasing. It will be listed on the website for you, or anyone else, to purchase at their leisure.) Otherwise, I may just order from HAED instead for now, I've seen some lovely charts released lately. You may request a purchase directly from me (email me at artistsforhire on yahoo, or twitter) or I will list them over on my Artfire site. For HAED, I generally order the Large Format charts, and then it's 15% off that price--direct purchase or on my website. When I get the Golden Kite ones, I think it will be 15% off as well(plus any new release discount they may be offering still).

Happy stitching everyone!

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