Thursday, June 29, 2017

White Tiger Head, pink, Diamond Painting Finished

Another finish.  This is a 30x30cm full coverage diamond painting.  Round rhinestones. A white tiger head, that isn't white.  It looked white, but no.  No whites in the kit, and trying to source those are rather difficult.  It's pale pink, purple actually, DMC antique violet.  I did let the seller know, but I don't think that will change anything.  So buyer beware, if you plan on buying this one as a kit, it's widely available, to make for yourself. No white or cream, but 2 shades of pink.  It's a beautiful chart otherwise, so I just keep thinking he's in the sunset, lol!  The oddities of buying things from China. Listing for Ebay and Etsy .

I have started another diamond painting, some lilies.  Not nearly as pretty as the stock image, but it will still be nice when it's done.  That one should be done pretty soon. And yes, I do have another after that, I am liking these. 

I have also gone back to my XMAS puppies pixel kit, I only had one plate done sometime last year.  Much more complex than the poinsettias that I just finished, but it's coming along nicely.

I really thought the summer was going to be slow, that I could get a lot of crafts done, but this has been a bang up month for selling beads. Awesome!  But somehow it's working, the trade off of selling and crafting is smoothing out a little. 

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