Thursday, June 8, 2017

Diamond Painting Fairy Cat, and other finishes

I had gotten this diamond painting off of Ebay, had a last minute coupon that I used.  I had no idea of the size or coverage when I bought it.  I was a little nervous to see how small it was, and a bit pixelated.  It's the 30x25cm size, and it's only a partial.  This is round drill rhinestones, 11 colors.  It's a nice design, I think I may want to do the much larger size, and do it again.  Anyway, it's up on Ebay and I will add to Etsy soon.  The kit, if you are interested, I have listed on the Turquoiseroads  site, full coverage and bigger.  Magic Fairy Cat

In the meantime, I sold the Swans with Roses diamond painting.  I haven't seen another partial one, exactly like that, so if I do it again, it will be slightly different.  Or I could do the full one, also listed on my TR site,  Swans with Roses

In the meantime, I've finished on of my pixel mosaic kits. I just don't have it all assembled, etc. yet, but that will be coming soon. It's nice to see at least a few finishes, after being so mired down with being sick. 

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