Friday, June 16, 2017

Poinsettia Pixel Finish

Yay, another finish.  And somewhat of a hard one.  This is a pixel kit, plastic pegs about 2mm that stick into plastic board plates, forming a mosaic.  This has 4 plates, lined up and attached, and taped, underneath.  10"x8" total, 15 colors.  I've had a couple of these kits, but my first finish of one.  And wow, they are expensive. (Getting my own supplies isn't much cheaper.)  This is called Poinsettias II, from PixelHobby.  Can't believe I got a totally fresh start and finish, in reasonably early time for Christmas.  The backing seems a bit flimsy, they definitely need a foamboard or something type reinforcement, but I love the finished look.  A different kind of durability than a cross stitch.  It's up on Ebay and Etsy

I am almost finished with my white tiger (pink) diamond painting. I decided to knuckle down and get through that one.  So I will have more to post soon.

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