Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Golden Lilies Diamond Painting, A Farewell, and New Start

Golden Lilies Diamond Painting.  It looks nothing like the picture they advertise, a very striking gold with soft flowers, but eh, it's China.  I wasn't expecting a much more dull print, somewhat country, primitive even.  Not exactly my style, but it came out well, and I think it would be a nice addition to many environments.  This is a small one, almost 22"x12", one of the smallest of this size.  I really am going to have to stick with bigger and better!  It's been on ebay  now for a bit already, I will update etsy pretty soon. I do have another one started(a kitty!), putting these little dots on canvas, is really fun, it goes quicker!

But.  It's been a while, since I posted. A long while, longer at least than normal.  And I still struggle with even posting, now.  Sometime back, I recall posting about.....people, take time to appreciate the ones you have around you.  Even when they are sick and struggling.  There are no really big problems, usually, especially with someone sick, it's all small stuff, and just one day at a time.  Unfortunately, perhaps, my tenure with that is over.  I lost one of the best friends I have ever had, earlier in the summer.

That has caused a snowball of more serious problems, for me, as we lived together.  With some urgency, I have had to move.  So I packed up, with all my stuff, and moved another few states away.  I am facing some challenges, with having to do so many things on the fly, so please bear with me, on the business end.  I have not even had time to deal with the loss, in having to make so many changes at once, with all my things packed up, and some uncertainties in front of me.

So.  A very rough summer. I am hanging in here, for the fall and hopefully an okay XMAS season.  Not quite on such a roll as I was, before the world flip flopped.  (Somehow, this always happens to me.)  I am hoping to be settled, a bit, soon, and maybe get a handle on cranking out some good work, once I get a breather for a minute.  Hang tight, everybody.

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