Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Vervaco Four Seasons Winter Cross Stitch, Powerseller

Yay, finally!  The last of the Vervaco Four Seasons kit, Winter.  Another tough one.  But I love how these look.  Listed now on Ebay and Etsy . I will be creating a listing for the entire set, as I think that is a possibility to sell that way.  I would like to do these again, especially since they are so small(3x4.5" on 18ct)  I just don't know when. 

I forgot to mention, somewhere back there, that I made Bronze Powerseller over the fall.  Maybe because it doesn't exactly mean anything, lol!  But I did, and I did notice, actually, for a somewhat dismal year, in some ways even to the end, that I had a pretty good Christmas selling season.  So nice, even that it continued at least half way into January, and I was hotfooting it to make a few more sets of those felt Christmas ornaments, who knew?  I would have gotten the cross stitch here done quicker otherwise!  So it looks like I will still be working on some XMAS stuff, here and there; if I can get some more done soon, I will go ahead and be listing, as it seems relevant completely year-round. 

Anything I can get done and out of the way(early!) is a blessing.  I have been lucky that things have been working, just enough.  For now, the independent dropship site is a little put on hold, as there are plenty of things to figure out.  I had thought I would list several niche type women's items, but I am going to have to launch with less.  When it's ready, I will have the diamond paintings, and some cross stitch kits, craft items.  The general women's categories will have to wait until I get a handle on things, and some time to work with listings. 

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