Monday, August 15, 2011

Charts are in

Ha, is that me or what???! Probably the rest of you too......I didn't even see it, my sweetie saw it, and put it on my car.

I've been a little remiss, life gets in the way sometimes, and that's what is up right now. I'll be better on track here shortly.

Anyway, my chart order came in. I did mail out special requests, but I haven't had a chance to list any up for sale. I'll post when I specifically put up Lily Pool, since other stores are the only way you can get that one.

And, I have page 15 of Chelsea's Gift, as my assigned part, for the gift. Anyone else?


  1. I love that!!! Loves crafts, too cute. Glad you got your charts and chart part. Will you be able to post photos when you do your part?

  2. There shouldn't be any problem with posting pics as far as I know. Hope not, I need motivation for all the things I want to get done this year still.

  3. I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a secret!!