Saturday, April 9, 2011

Terra Update

Ok, the latest update to Terra Fairy for the HAED SAL. Pleased that I have been able to have some umm, noticeable stitching time. I have stitched on all the other projects as well, except Mermaid, just not doing the pics of those for now.

I have also gotten a new start, White Rose from Mystic Stitch(discontinued, I think.) I thought it would go quickly, since it's a huge black background, but I guess that is all relative! It should be quicker than these other pieces, but I am not working on it much yet, still trying to finish out some ebay unloading. And, it has no white; no shades of white. I was thinking of doing some sparklies in it, but hard with no really white areas, will have to think about that. It's on white fabric, so perhaps when I get all the top black done and get to any color (35 lines), I'll start with some pics of it.

I have bought a new piece, too, on ebay. A fractal, (geometric style) blue....sigh. I may get another one or two, don't want those disappearing on me as ebay morphs again. But it is rather large, larger than many HAEDs. I've gotten all the threads, a lot, but it's only a few shades of color, and big blocks of color. Itching to start it, but likely not until I finish something else.

Couple other updates, I will post about those soon!

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