Sunday, September 2, 2012

HAED, and just an update here

So, I've seen all the buzz lately about HAED having a tough time keeping their doors open, and Appreciation Week Sep 10-14.  Nice, but I don't know why it took so long for people to pick up on this/panic.  I know I've been hearing they've been having real trouble, for I dunno...the last year??  My timeline is screwy, don't ask's probably been even longer.  Just sayin'.  Nothing mean-spirited in that, kudos really for people stepping up(although I think that has probably become a headache to handle as well, in itself)....just wondering why it took so long for other folks to notice--and no, I'm not some secret insider.  I know it would be an absolute shame if they couldn't continue, same owners or not; this stitching and art brings such a joy to people.

Anyway, yep, I've been MIA for far toooooo long. I've been tied up with this medical stuff for the better part of this entire year so far, and nearly nothing else.  I'm a bit tired of it, but I'm trying not to think about it.  It's been life altering, in nearly every facet, some of which I am really not liking at the moment. And, generally speaking, it seems like I am starting nearly everything.  Physically, I don't have a lot of strength either, so I am juggling multiple things, at a pace that is even making me pretty impatient, have to go really slow.

My stitching site? Still in the works.  With the medical issues, as I heal, that is one of the few things I should be able to do and would be good for me.  The continual slow track, I'll need something to keep me busy.  I just don't think it would be ready, or wise, to open anything before at least Jan 1....I'm not in shape for XMAS, etc.  I have only started stitching again in the last week or so. Bits and pieces on October Birthstone, the blue fractal, SK Blossoms, even Summer (Mucha) and such... Did I mention I was in on the 2012 SAL?  SK Blue Moon, gridded, but nary a stitch.....blah.

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