Friday, December 2, 2011

Lily Pool, Misc Order, Jingit

Ha, well...ok, I at least got around to posting some copies(2) of Lily Pool, on one of my more obscure listing areas. This is a full size and readily available chart, by Ruth Sanderson. Only, you can't order it directly from HAED, this is a shops exclusive chart. RF is $17, my discount makes it $14.45, $2 shipping, in the US.

I'd be happy to get more copies, I'd love to place an order with HAED before the 15th, and grab a few Jessica Galbreth before they are gone, as well.

I will be changing up my website offerings, I don't think Artfire is going to serve my needs once I open up the stitch for sale site. They continue to change direction, and I don't think that will be for me. I'll still use the same one that Lily Pool is on....and ebay, plus the new site after the beginning of the year(and the stitcher FAQ one).

Really hoping to get past the holidays and concentrate back on stitching, etc. I don't seem to be getting much of anything done in that direction, getting a little anxious. Excited, too!

Anyway, I am still plugging away with my little click places, to make a little money on the side, all going well, will update on that later. But you may or may not have noticed, that I added Jingit, and it's pretty cool. Basic idea, you make at least $5 every week, watching some quick videos. And, you can load it to a debit card they issue--I have mine. Since I am absolutely in need of making more cash, at home, this has been really nice so far, I've done this for about a month. You need to have a correctly filled in Facebook account linked(just for info), US only.

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