Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quick Update

Ok, just a quick update. I'm barely get back to my routine, still taking it easy. Haven't stitched anything significantly noticeable yet. These were before my downtime, and definitely show progress. My pinkish Treasures, and about a page worth of Summer.

Heard that Julie Fain cross stitch charts are going to be retired soon from HAED. Lovely silhouette types, may have to think about that.


  1. Oh, no. I'll have to buy some before they do. Grrrrr.... You're updates look good. Beautiful fabby on the first one. Can't wait to see your next update!!

  2. Thanks, I wish the coverage was better on Treasures, that color is really dark on the white.
    I had a Julie Fain on my almost bucket list....thinking I may need to order it, but don't know yet.