Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Ideas in the Works

Still a little slow, but feeling better. Happy to be back to stitching. Even started SK Blossoms last week, out of the blue. Been hungry for a real finish(that I don't have to give away). Might get a picture up soon of it.

And some clarity finally. I hope, anyway; things are still moving around here pretty fast, "around" me. So, if I can stay on track, I think I finally have a path figured out. If anyone has read all the way back, etc.....I've had thoughts of being able to stitch and sell the cross stitch pieces, and some other misc, for quite some time. Mostly HAED and other advanced cross stitch. I'd even like to get to a real storefront. I've continually hit (mental) snags, though, especially having run other crafty storefronts and websites before. It's an amazing amount of work; one person, two.....not enough hours in the day. So that part is still out on the horizon, if the pieces come together to make that happen, great. If not, well, a web presence mostly, will have to do.

I don't really want to spill all the beans right now of what I have in mind, but I should, some, if I want to get this off the ground. Only because it's behind-the-scenes stuff right now. I'm thinking that I am ALMOST in shape to start making my stitching for sale idea a reality. If I concentrate on one of the very first issues, it's that I don't have enough to sell, just me, myself. I can leave it closed to just me, but I would really like to see a better collection of items available.

So I need stitchers. Advanced stitchers, HAED type stitchers. If you have pieces of that quality and type already finished, they are usable---- if they are in pristine condition(unframed). I will be looking for certain charts to be stitched though. A certain limited collection, stitched as they were meant to be(no shortcuts) as the main focus. And pay......there will be some, but not enough to get overly excited about.

For the most part, enough rambling. Anyone game? I will say this, it doesn't pay much. I'm not looking for complainers. It does pay, and I think I have a way figured out to make sales with this(which is when you'd get paid). You must love to stitch, and be happy with being able to show off a finished piece. Past that, don't be holding your breath to get rich. For now, I am looking for people that already have HAED type finished cross stitch that they would like to make available. Pieces in progress are also acceptable, as well as anyone that would like to start now on stitching the particular charts I want to showcase. Once I have a site open and customers/inquiries, I expect there to be commission requests, which would move everything along faster, of course.

I will not be posting 100% of all the details here. More to come, but not everything. Shoot me an email if you think you might be interested. artistsforhire over on yahoo.


  1. How much are you thinking of charging for them? I don't know if it would be wroth it. I have several HAEDs in progress...

  2. See my more recent post. The "rough" estimate I gave for Train of Dreams a little while back was to charge retail $300. About $230 of that would go to the stitcher.
    Rough estimate for Bubbles--about $425 retail; about $325 to the stitcher.
    Worth it? Only if you love to stitch HAED already.

  3. Okay Cindy. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I love my HAEDs, but I don't know if I could part with them after putting all that work in. I'll think about it though...