Saturday, September 24, 2011

SK Blossoms, Stitchers to Work

Ok, SK Blossoms after this week. It's not quite this orange, more a salmon pink, maybe I'll get that better next time. The cell phone is always the more handy/easy photo taker!!

I'm thinking of how I want to set up an area to discuss things with possible stitchers. Business stuff needs to be kept private.(As much as it can be these days.)Random browsing on the web will not show this info. I was thinking of a FB group, maybe, maybe not. Maybe G+. And possibly a single website page of FAQ, only for those that are participating. I'll need a little time to get that together. Pay, or pricing, I know that is probably the number one thing. I had already posted on one of the FB groups that Train of Dreams for example, using a set formula, would probably go retail at about $300. Never stitched it, or seen the thread count, etc....don't plan to(and it's not particularly one I want done.)

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