Saturday, May 28, 2011

Letter R

Latest work....brought to you by the letter R, (HAED, Selina Fenech). Wish the sparklies had turned out a bit nicer, will have to work on that with the finished pic. This is on 18ct, 2 strands Kreinik #4 pearl braid in all that yellowish background. I thought it would be done by now, alas distracted, and stitching with the Kreinik, mmmmm omg tough.


  1. Yeah, Kreinik will do that to you! Sometimes, it helps to use Thread Heaven, and sometimes nothing helps but throwing it across the room, lol. If you can find a good color match, I suggest using Petite Treasure Braid. Of course, now I can't remember who makes it. Um.... Rainbow Gallery. No, I didn't think of it, I looked on one of my cards, lol. My memory is cruddy, so I have to help it out where I can!! Just wanted to pop in and say hi from a newbie. I guess I should introduce myself, too. My name is Julie, and I'm from Cincinnati, OH. I live with my little cat, Yes Dear. I have two Selina Fenechs in progress, Story Keeper and Bubbles. Both are in the very early stages. Not even worth a pic stages. Hopefully, I'll get the rotation up and running soon!!

  2. Thanks for the comment and welcome. I expect to have many more that call for the Kreinik; I don't want to wuss out and not have nearly the exact effect that was intended. Just me, esp if they are going to be for sale. I don't blame anyone that doesn't want to work with it, either!!