Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some Progress, Pics, Order?

Ok, so some pictures finally. The weather is a little weird here, not that it usually means much....but good for any picture taking is hit and miss. I was hoping to have one more picture, but maybe in a few days. Anyway, SK Treasures at the bottom, not a lot of stitching. Once again, not sure I will finish it--I have sooo many other things going on (and for pay) that it may get put away for quite some time. SK Blossoms in the middle, tried to adjust the colors, but still not quite it. I haven't worked on it in the last week or so at all, but it's been coming along nicely; not as confetti heavy as I thought(top and bottom, middle is easier). And at the top, my blue fractal. Lightened that a little too, so you could see some detail better. That is what I have been working on the most right now. BAP for sure, but enjoying the big blocks of color, and a nice scattering of other colors as they come along. Really thinking I would like to get this finished in a reasonable amount of time.

No big progress on Summer, either, so no pic there. And I do have Forgiveness on the frame, so maybe I'll have something worth showing next month!

I've been resisting buying charts that are being retired. Really hard with Julie Fain, but I did not buy any and do not have any of hers. Now Drazenka Kimpel, that's another story. I did buy Purple Orchid already, so I am not totally distressed(still need the Anchor threads). That is on my bucket list, and probably my favorite on my bucket list. But I am very big into faces, bodies.....and I love her stuff. Most of it. Still torn over HAVE TO HAVE Breath & Lady of the Camellias . Luna was on the list for a while, but I think I can pass on that one. So, anybody up for an order? I need to place an order anyway, but I wasn't for sure planning before 11/15. I will not be getting extras, so if you want one, 15% off, plus shipping, prepaid on paypal---let me know!

And yes, I do need to place an order, soooon. I've been on the fence where I wanted to order my next ones, and it looks like it will be HAED, not sure I can manage an order from two places at once right now. So, next couple days on the retiring charts please. I specifically want to get some of the charts for the new site in the works. Frustrated that I don't hardly have those here. Some are BAP, too, wow.

I will be doing some updates and revisions to my info page(see link on left, to stitch), and the website itself. I may publish the full website soon, and just let it hang out for a couple of months, tweaking it, before being really ready at the start of the year. This includes a tiny bit higher pay amounts, and longer deadline times. Also, I hope to get/make a list of acceptable chart submissions, for the smaller sizes. Not talking about mini's--yet. But the SK, PAB, QS, small items, for those alternate misc projects, that I would like to see most. And some that just stitch up faster.

And the mini's. Whheee. Great idea for HAED. Little dismayed that it will all be about mini's now though. Working a BAP will be for old timers and stubborn......hey! that's me, all the way. The jury is out. I'll accept them in the Misc section of my new site, but am otherwise on the fence. And I don't know of anyone working both a full size and a matching mini, the exact same way, for a comparison. I wasn't thrilled with the mini mockups. More on that later. But certainly, more than nearly anyone anyway, I am all about FINISHES. Completed work. So, we'll see.

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  1. Your progress piccys look great Cindy. Hope you get your order in soon!!