Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pic of New Start, Ordering Charts

I know it's a blurry picture, the wind has been something out here...but I wanted to get the start posted. This is Summer, Alphonse Mucha, HAED chart. (77 pages large format.) 28ct 1x1 full cross, on off white. Family project--not sure right now if that means it will go slower or faster than normal. Have to say though, while this isn't my typical type art, I think this is growing on me. We'll see, when I get to the dark reds.

I will be ordering charts soon, see previous posts. Lily Pool, not available retail, and also at least Sick Rose there below, couple others. Soooo please let me know if you would like one, I don't order all that often, or that many right now. (Lily Pool RF is $18.65 here, with shipping included.)

I sent back the dyed fabric I had gotten for Treasures, and I got to request a closer color match. It's here, still a little brighter than I thought, but will work fine as a pink/coral/white. I just haven't started it!

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  1. Looks like you have got a great start on it. Keep up the good work, Cindy!!