Wednesday, August 25, 2010

HAED Labor Day Sale

So, just not to forget....HAED is having their Labor Day Sale, 25% off through 9/06/10.

And, off the path, anybody tried work at home/MLM stuff? I've tried a bunch, and looked at many more. Most don't work, that's how I ended up doing my own crafty thing. But, it does take serious time and effort to do a quality process, crafty stuff or anything else. Anyway, I've revisited some of those type things, since I am now on entirely my own time from day to day, and anything to help make all this a success.......Generally, I've learned to NOT put down any serious money, but this is one I am going to try that does require money, and as such, I'm putting it out here for you to look at. I do think this could be very successful. FantaZ Games . Play your favorites, Bejeweled etc, even Fantasy Football type....all skill games, for free or cash, and even as MLM to make money. Any questions, let me know. I'll keep you posted on that, and my other work at home attempts of late, as they develop.

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