Sunday, August 22, 2010

HAED purchasing

Want a selection of HAED cross stitch charts always on sale for you? Then this is the time to think long and hard about that wishlist you have. I will be putting together a large wholesale order from Heaven and Earth Designs very soon! Once I get them sorted, I will be putting up detailed listings for them on my Artfire site, The Blushin Rose.
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I include size, number of threads, and if there are specialty threads---for EVERY LISTING. No guessing against the site if there is incomplete info. Anyway, I'd be happy to order anything you might have been thinking about getting. It doesn't mean you have to purchase it right then. (Most will be all Large Format, and many in duplicate numbers.) If you specifically want me to save it for you for a while, I can do that, if you can't buy it when it arrives. But as I work through the set, it will eventually be listed for sale, as I can get to it. Artfire is still slow moving at this point, so it will likely stay available if you still can't purchase or are not sure about purchasing that much at one time, etc. My prices are 15% off the every day pricing, so always on sale.

I will also be placing a very small order with Golden Kite, if there are any cross stitch charts from there that you might like---let me know!

And yes...I've moved. No, not organized yet. But on the path to some serious sales activity.

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