Friday, September 10, 2010

Pretty & Pink Flamingo

Hmm, well, I don't think the gaming thing will work....and I sent back one the home assembly things. Getting cranky in my old age!

Starting to list some Swarovski 5328 crystals on my Artfire site, hopefully I'll get them all listed soon. Obviously I can't order more if they don't sell! The Blushin Rose

Still in limbo with my stuff, and may be for a while, on hold for moving it here. So I have a new project in the works. Pretty & Pink, a dark flamingo, from Crossed Wing. Picked it up at a LNS, thank God for that! Anyway, working on that, even with the colored fabric, very nice, it's going to be pretty, although certainly bright, when it's done. And I hope I have it done in a few weeks and listed for sale, really need to get that moving. Pretty & Pink model.

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