Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Moon Lake Pixel WIP, Mono

It's been a while since I have posted just a WIP, and since I am behind schedule, I thought this one would be nice.  It's a pixel kit, Moon Lake, a white tiger against a midnight background.  Loving the colors.  Baseplate 1 (2 is also finished) of 12 plates.  I was hoping to be done in January with this, but it's not on track.

I also sold more of the heart ornaments, which I hadn't made....oops.  So I rushed to get those done in one busy night already; nice to know I could get them done that fast. I prefer not to have to work like that, though!   I haven't had a chance to finish others, and since I am behind, I may keep cranking on making them and listing them.  It's very hard to move on to other projects when these were doing so well----and taking up space. I'd probably make a mess putting them away, too, that somehow the beads and sequins would spill, thread would be tangled......sigh.

Mostly I am behind, because I got sick.  I broke out in a bad case of what appears to be mono, right before Thanksgiving.  Ouch.  Not much to do, except rest, and rest, and rest.  The fatigue can last for 3 months, contagious for...oh, who knows, a year and a half.  Sheesh.  I don't know how I could get a dang sickliest type cold to drag me down when I need to be working on things nearly 'round the clock, but that would be typical of me. 

I am slowly back to working on things, so I think whatever I can work on, much less get finished, has to be listed, even if it's off season.  I just feel lucky that so far, the holiday season has mostly been a good one; some very special connections renewed.

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