Monday, November 7, 2016

Four Seasons Spring Cross Stitch, Computer KO

Yay, my computer is back up!  Two weeks of weirdness and waiting for parts in the mail, etc.  Whew.  I was really starting to sweat that much down time.  Looks like I will be buying a new computer soon.  There wasn't much harm done in being down that long, but I can't have that happen again.

At least I got some good stitching time in.  This one is from a Vervaco kit, called Four Seasons.  This is the Spring. (2x1, 1x1 and backstitching on 18ct) For now, I will offer them individually, but I may put them together as a set, once I have stitched them all.  These are tiny, about 3x5".  Ebay and Etsy  both have it up.  I will be adding the other seasons as I get them done, hopefully soon.

****Well, funny(not funny), I was in the middle of this post, when the computer died.  The hard drive gave out, and not quite sure anything is recoverable.  Ouch.  I have been offline the better part of another two weeks or more.  I did get a bit more stitching time in, and some beading, so I will post more finishes, etc. as I get this new computer figured out a bit. 

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