Friday, February 5, 2016


I've been posting WIPS of various crafts and projects on the Facebook page each week for this year, but am not going to cross post them all here.  I thought I would post this one though, as I have a little spare time.  This is an update on QS Motherhood from HAED.  It's about 70% done, and I haven't picked it up in a while. (Besides being busy, this is one of my older pieces, from before I broke away for a new life.  I've committed to only trying to work on one of those from that time period at a time, and slowly, as it is emotionally difficult.)  This is a grayscale piece of art, and very small, so I hope I can break through the block and get it done.  1x1 full cross on 25ct antique white, including the sparkly threads, 4 x 3/34" size.

It looks like I have another physical move, in the works.  I will be clearing out a few bead items, trimming up the supplies and business end a little. It needs to be downsized slightly, to fit for the move, and for more effective items.  This move should be the 2nd to last(very last).  And once I arrive, over the summer, I will be putting some serious effort into expanding, both for the beads and the finished items.

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