Sunday, January 3, 2010


So the SO and I(yes, I have one of those) were having a discussion about photo hosting, for an album. Way back, I used to use AOL, and that's not an option. And he wants to know why, being a business....that I would need one. Is it going to make me money? After all the time it takes for taking even halfway decent pictures, cropping and loading. No, not offhand. And I'm not going to have a lot of updates. But I do think it's important, keeps things real. I need it for the HAED SAL, like have to. But, I'd like to have it as a portfolio in a sense, you know what I can do, and you know that it's ME personally making these things. (I'll always note it if it's someone else's.) And it just fosters some connection. I'm not always the warmest person, esp when I am concentrating on I'd like to have some nice things to show; I know there isn't much now, but as we go along, I'd like people to see and be excited about what's going on. And I certainly like looking at everyone else's stuff. So even though you won't see the latest snowfall, or little ones in costumes and what have you, I should have pictures of various crafty things available soon.

In the meantime, stitching on Faces. I should have enough for a picture soon. I still have to get started on the HAED SAL mermaid, haven't started. Still musing over Misty Benson not having charts available through HAED, one or two of those I wanted!

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